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investors Will change dollars for euro?

Vladimir Grishko operating branch Volokolamsk Rosbank:
- Perspectivity or neperspektivnost placings of money resources in euro will be to be defined, in my opinion, first of all by stability of an US dollar exchange rate. Until now unique splash in demand for non-cash euros was marked in the first days after acts of terrorism in the USA. But even at this time the total sum of deposits in euro has not exceeded several percent from deposits in US dollars. Now contributions to euro are less favourable, than contributions to US dollars as percent charged on them more low that is especially appreciable on short terms of attraction. On - visible, a choice between dollar and the euro will become the investors traditionally trusting to the American currency, or in the end of December, or already in the beginning of next year. And stability of the American currency will be the defining factor of this choice.

Dmitry Zheleztsov, the director of department of development of bank business of Avtobank:
- After acts of terrorism in the USA growth of volume of contributions of the population in euro began to be observed. And this volume will grow. However in immediate prospects the volume of private contributions to euro hardly will exceed volumes of contributions in dollars. This results from the fact that positions of the American currency are strong till now. Besides and interest rates under contributions to euro are not so high, as under dollar contributions. Nevertheless euro all - taki perspective currency. And all will depend on how it becomes fast euro of World War II reserve currency.

Victor Gusarov, the chairman of the board of bank Power :
- On the nearest half a year I do not see the big prospects for growth of contributions of the population in euro for two reasons. In - the first, at private investors are not present the essential bases for leaving from habitual dollar in other currency. In - the second, from banks are not present interest in attraction of deposits in euro as there are no the market tools nominated in uniform European currency.

Maria Andreeva, the chief of department of calculations on uncommercial operations of Sobinbank:
- Since second half of this year and especially after September, 11th contributions to euro draw the increasing attention of the population. However in view of dollarizatsii the Russian economy contributions to euro are accepted by banks under less favourable rates, than in dollars. It speaks essential tranzaktsionnymi costs for transfer of the passives nominated in euro, in dollar actives. With increase of a role of euro in structure of accumulation of the population occurrence of demand for the tools nominated in euro is possible.

Natalia Kuznetsova, the director of department of client service of Nomos - bank:
- For last two weeks in our bank was open accounts in euro for a total sum about 300 thousand euro. It not so is a lot of. But eloquently enough shows that the population began to be interested actively in new currency, considering euro as equivalent alternative to US dollar. Unpredictability of development of a situation round Afghanistan, and also the general condition of the American economy is weakened by dollar positions in the international market. Probably, it is necessary to expect that with approach of New year when cash euros will enter into the reference, the number of interested persons will open contributions to uniform European currency to grow.