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Alexander Mamut does not go to Vladimir Potanin
the Former head of the supervisory board of MDM - bank Alexander Mamut has now no relation to Rosbank. The representative of Rosbank has informed on it, making comments on the information which has appeared in some mass-media that Alexander Mamut is the adviser of the chairman of the board of Rosbank and in the long term can become the chairman of board of directors of this credit institution. we do not have any official information in this respect - the representative of bank has told. As has declared the councillor of directors Interros Larissa Zelkova, any negotiations with Alexander Mamutom about its transition to work in Rosbank it was not conducted. Nevertheless in the end of October in the market similar hearings, however really went then Alexander Mamut has declared to the correspondent that the general with a reality they have no anything.

the Customs code will update
Yesterday in Moscow has taken place a press - conference of the vice-president of the State Customs Committee Vladimir Meshcherjakova. He has declared that the purpose of the project of updating of the Customs code (TK) - to facilitate conditions of foreign trade by simplification of customs procedures. So, for example, terms of registration of the customs declaration will be reduced from ten about three days. Besides, the State Customs Committee intend to refuse from powers in sphere of economic regulation . However, despite objections of Ministry of economic development and trade which together with customs officers developed the new project of the customs code throughout this year, the State Customs Committee was possible to keep in it the main thing: the operatively - razysknye powers and powers on currency control. Last Tuesday the government of Russia has approved new variant TK. One of these days he will be submitted for consideration in the State Duma.
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the Russian manufacturers will provide armed forces
a first specialised exhibition Passing in Moscow the Russian manufacturers and supply of armed forces (its organizer the back of the Minister of Defence has acted with support of Bank of Moscow) should promote an establishment of close, direct and long-term contacts between back of all power structures and domestic commodity producers. Thus, in practice the task of president Vladimir Putin on support of domestic commodity producers will be carried out. It was declared yesterday by the chief of back of armed forces, the deputy minister of defence the general - colonel Vladimir Isakov.

the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has appropriated to brokers the status a market - makers
the Moscow interbank currency stock exchange (Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange) has started to give to members of section of stock market the status official a market - makers in a mode of trunk-call transactions (RPS) on nizkolikvidnym to actions. On it informs a press - stock exchange service. According to the decision of management of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange c on November, 15th the status the market - the maker is given four participants of the auctions: Open Company Investment agency ` the Prologue ` - under ordinary actions of Open Society Izhora factories Joint-Stock Company Alor - Invest - under ordinary actions of Open Society Udmurttelekom Open Society IF OLMA - under ordinary actions of Open Society the Trading house of Central Department Store Joint-Stock Company IK ` Elemte ` - under ordinary actions of Open Society Kazan GTS . During the auctions in RPS a market - makers support bilateral quotations (addressless demands) under the actions fixed to it.
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Moody ` s can raise a sovereign rating of Russia
the International rating agency Moody ` s can raise a sovereign rating of Russia in the nearest year - ones and a half, the vice-president, a leading analyst of agency Moody ` s on a rating of Russia has declared Dzhonatan Shiffer (Jonathan Schiffer) on a press - conferences in Moscow. As he said, the agency considers a current situation in economy of Russia positively. the next 18 months exists 50 - percentage probability of that we will reconsider a rating of Russia towards increase - he has told. Analyst Moody ` s has underlined that at acceptance of this decision the rating agency will take into consideration the federal budget for 2002, a condition of an exchange rate of rouble, and also desire of Russia to serve the debt. proceeding from it we will consider possibility of increase of a sovereign rating - he has noted.

the Central Bank has paid off from IMF
the Central bank of Russia has made last payment in volume of $347 million as repayment of a debt of IMF. The chairman of bank Victor Gerashchenko has informed on it yesterday in Alma - Ate. Thus, he has noted, in 2001 Russia has extinguished debts against fund on $2,7 billion Victor Gerashchenko has underlined that it was preschedule transfer of payment of IMF. For 2003, the head of the Central Bank has reminded, it is necessary peak of payments of Russia under external obligations in volume $19 billion
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Russia will let out eurobonds on $2 mlrd
Russia in April, 2002 will let out eurobonds in volume of an order of $2 mlrd within the limits of settlement of commercial debts of the former USSR. The chairman of Foreign trade and investment bank Andrey Kostin has informed on it. As he said, release terms depend on acceptance of the governmental order of the Russian Federation about debt renewal. After acceptance of the decision it is required to Foreign trade and investment bank three months on preparation for release - he has told. According to head veba, Russia plans to renew a part of debts of the foreign trade organisations of the former USSR, as well as in a case with the London club of creditors, in 10 - and 30 - summer papers. The general debts of Russia as of July, 1st, 2001 make $4,1 billion
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the American banks reduce workplaces
Two leading participants of the financial market of the USA - Citigroup Inc. And American Express Co. - are going to reduce a considerable quantity of employees. Representatives of these companies have informed on it on Wednesday. Financial group Citigroup plans to dismiss 7,8 thousand employees after merge to company Grupo Financiero Banamex - Accival. According to the statement submitted to the commission under securities and stock exchanges of the USA, Citigroup assumes to reduce 4,2 thousand the employees involved in available operations, and 3,6 thousand Workers Banamex. Taking into account these reductions the number of employees Citigroup dismissed in this year will make about 12,5 thousand persons. we aspire to work with maximum as an effective utilisation of resources, and it means that we need to get rid of superfluous positions - has told a press - secretary Citigroup Christina Pretto. American Express which already declared reduction of 6,1 thousand employees, has informed that assumes to continue reductions.

the Ministry of Finance has paid requirements of holders of bonds of Russian Open Society VSM
the Ministry of Finance for November, 15th has paid requirements of holders of the fourth, fifth and sixth releases of a bonded loan of the Russian Open Society High-speed highways for the sum of 798,3 million rbl. On it has informed and. An island of the financial director of Russian Open Society VSM Andrey Nikandrov. In total by this day by holders of the fourth, fifth and sixth releases of bonds of Russian Open Society VSM it is shown for payment requirements of the sum of 824,5 million roubles. Payment of means under Russian Open Society VSM bonds which term of repayment has expired in 1998 - 2000, is made according to joint position of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Russia from March, 5th, 2001 about an order of execution of the state guarantees under Russian Open Society VSM bonds. According to the specified position, the Ministry of Finance pays to holders of a loan a face-value of bonds and the sum of the coupon income established by the same document according to a part of 1 article 91 of the budget - 2001.
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