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Bush and Putin play figures

Already on November, 13th in the first day of the meeting Putin and Bush (George W. Bush) have made important statements. Bush has informed Putin who has arrived to the USA that it is ready to reduce within the next ten years to two thirds nuclear potential of America. Putin remained it is happy and has answered not with absolutely distinct promise it is good to work over this question . What actually stands up for in those figures with which diplomats play?
the American experts were comprehended by disappointment when Putin has not declared in the answer that is going to answer gesture of Americans by similar reduction of the Russian nuclear potential. It became an original omen of that hardly the fourth meeting of leaders of the USA and Russia will end productively. Much it became obvious that before entering of amendments into the contract on nuclear arms of 1972 for the present far.
Though Bush has optimistically assured the fellow citizens that reduction of a nuclear arsenal on two thirds will not affect in any way safety of America, hardly it is necessary to consider these figures as result of the careful analysis. In the Pentagon there is no till now a common opinion on this question, and that fact that from the American military men actually did not arrive objections on startlers of the president, speaks simply: ten years - too big term, and all arrangements still can change time and again.
why Putin has not answered with the same promise calculated on long and foggy prospect? The statement which actually is not enough to what obliges? Russia has declared for a long time already that its nuclear plans directly are connected with nuclear steps of the USA, and first of all with the ABM plan. Any other themes and the Russian president are not so interesting to Russia. Putin understands all approximateness of statements of the opponent which has bypassed a main point, therefore and has answered so laconically: Thanks, we will react accordingly to this figure .
In the speech in the Russian embassy in the USA Bush Putin`s figures has answered with the foggy figures. we will reduce our nuclear arms at least in three - four times - he has told. However the Russian president has not specified, he leans against what initial quantity. Again an ambiguity, despite exact quantitative expression. Probably, it is a question of same two thirds which declared the American side.
abundantly clear that negotiations spin round a main point Russian - the American relations - a question on the ABM but while to it closely do not approach. But as though long Putin and Bush exchanged sensational figures, the next two days all of them - taki should pass to discussion of the main theme. Whether can pull together the parties the positions concerning the ABM, whether their statements will be about it so optimistical? The answer to this question will be, quite probably, not so iridescent, as atmosphere of first two days of negotiations.
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