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Les enfants de Dostom s ` appretent a revolutionner l ` Afghanistan
Children of Dustuma they are ready to make revolution in Afghanistan
ETIENNE DUBUIS, envoye special a Termez (Ouzbekistan)
the Special correspondent of ETEN DJUBJUI from Termez (Uzbekistan)

Here, these well-known Afghans! Here, in Termez, in the south of Uzbekistan, them nearby 150 persons. All of them political or economic refugees, and all of them hide the origin. Local customs are that that if want to live easy, you should be reserved. Especially if you have arrived from the country strongly irritating president Islam Karimov (Islam Karimov). And all - taki in a court yard termezskoj #3 Charles Marx`s name to us manages to be interviewed one fine morning schools four of them. They even agree to name the names.
Our first interlocutor, 19 - summer Erkin Kajumov (Erkin Kayumov), has arrived to Uzbekistan the same year when the red army has left its native land. Erkin tells that his father has been appointed by the consul of the Afghani communistic government in Termez. While the native city of Erkina of Mazari - Sharif has not been grasped by Talibs, the boy some times came home. And then it is necessary to wait only that there will be a miracle, and fools as he them names, will be expelled.
friend Erkina Zaki Umarov joins conversation (Zaki Umarov), one of sons of general Ahmed Hana (Ahmed Khan) - the visible military leader from an environment of Abdurrashida Dustuma (Abdul Rashid Dostom). First his family has taken cover in Iran, and after half a year has got over to Uzbekistan. In 1999 the father Zaks has left in mountains to enter struggle against Talibs.
Dzhovit approach to us (Djovit) and Dzhamshit Usmanov (Djamchid Usmanov). Their fathers too generals. The father of the first has on Monday morning left Uzbekistan to join the leader of all Afghans of Dustumu. The second says that his family within three days celebrated a capture of Mazari - Sharif, inviting to join fun of all relatives and relatives. He also tells that all his family in the fastest future hopes to come back home.
in the jeans and vests Erkin, Zaks, Dzhovit and Dzhamshid differ nothing from the majority of teenagers of Uzbekistan. They have quite acquired the western manners - the same as it has occurred to their distant relatives Turks three quarters of the century back. Still recently they thought that are for ever expelled from the country, but the history wind has exchanged. And here they have appeared on the party of winners. On the party of those whom to solve the future of Afghanistan. Those who will create new laws in the country.
Defeat of Talibs has opened road to all directions of public thought - since the advanced currents islamizma and finishing postcommunist culture of Abdurrashida Dustuma and its people. For this culture the mix of economic liberalism, political authoritarianism and atheism, by the way, the Central Asian region rather extended now in all former Soviet republics, including Uzbekistan is characteristic.
a good illustration of this culture alien as the West, and talib laws, the school Charles Marx`s #3 names is termezskaja. In a school court yard sports reign. Here directly on kochkovatoj to the earth racetracks are drawn, bars with basketball baskets there rise... In the main lobby of school you are met by the smart portrait of president Karimova surrounded with citations from its speeches and photos of crowd fighting in ecstasy.
the beauty in a leather jacket and with a magnificent black head of hear has climbed up with feet a window sill. 16 - summer schoolgirls come to school in trousers, in mini - skirts, in jackets with deep cut. whether there are at us girl-friends? Whether we study in the mixed classes? Certainly! What question! - speak four our young interlocutors.
round Afghans the crowd of pupils gathers. The girl in a fitting sweater nestles on one of them, searching for its sight. It turns to it and kisses it directly on the mouth. Such freedom even in the West afford not all. Instead of whether defeat of Talibs in ideological and moral revolution will pour out? It seems that children of Dustuma have prepared for Afghanistan a couple of surprises.


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