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On Dmitry Holodova`s business new examination
the Moscow district military court on process on the case of murder of the journalist of the newspaper " is appointed yesterday; the Moscow member of the Komsomol Dmitry Holodova has appointed new complex vzryvotehnicheskuju and it is judicial - medical examination, having satisfied the petition of a state accuser of Irina Aleshinoj. Charge does not agree with results repeated and additional vzryvotehnicheskih examinations and insists on carrying out of new examination by experts of the federal centre of examinations of Ministry of Justice and the expert centres of FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Today the representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor has refused interrogation of the experts making last examination, as its results do not correspond to real consequences of explosion . The court also has noted essential differences in results of the first (December, 1994) and the second (May, 2001) examinations.

the participant of acts of terrorism in Minvody Is detained and Essentukah
In Karachaevo-Circassia is detained suspected of fulfilment of acts of terrorism in Mineral Waters and Essentukah in March, 2001 31 - the summer inhabitant of settlement Rimgorsky Malokarachaevsky area of republic Hasan Mamchuev. Since 1998 it was an active member of the extremist religious militarised association Dzhamaat being organisation Hattaba part. According to the operative data, the arrested person from April till July, 1999 had training preparation in educational centre Hattaba in Urus - Martane, and then as a part of illegal armed formations participated in capture of the Dagestan villages and was at war against federal forces.
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From chemical industrial complex have stolen 40 kg of trotyl
Employees UFSB of Sverdlovsk area together with field investigators of the Department of Internal Affairs of Nizhni Tagil have withdrawn 40 kg of trotyl stolen from chemical industrial complex. In a course operatively - razysknyh actions militiamen and employees of a state security have detained in apartment of an apartment house 20 - the summer idle citizen and have withdrawn from it of 15 kg of trotyl. At the moment of arrest in apartment there was also an idle contemporary of the owner of dwelling; it has voluntary given out 25 more kg of trotyl which were stored on an attic of the same house. According to arrested persons, they have stolen trotyl in October, 2000 during involuntary service passage to the division which is carrying out protection of a warehouse of explosives of Krasnouralsky chemical industrial complex. Criminal case under item 222 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" is brought; Illegal storage of explosives ) . By the way, it was found out that the statement for loss of such large party of an explosive from a management of Krasnouralsky industrial complex in law enforcement bodies did not arrive.
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In Novosibirsk have attacked collectors
Thursday afternoon in the centre of Novosibirsk armed assault on two collectors of bank " has been made; Left-bank . When collectors left a bank building, two criminals have sprinkled with it in the person from gas ballonchika, have pulled out a bag with money and have tried to run away. Collectors have rushed behind them. During a pursuit the robber has thrown out a bag, but the collector has continued prosecution. When the criminal has run out to the Red prospectus, the collector has shot at it from a government-issue weapon and has wounded in a foot. The wounded man has been detained by the collector who has caught up it and employees dorozhno - patrol service. Search of the second attacking is conducted.
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Fight and a fire in hostel GUINa
On the night of Thursday on the panel 01 in Moscow the signal about a fire in the house 46 along the street Pomorsky on severo - the capital east has arrived. The fire has arisen on the third and fourth floors. As it was found out later, it has occurred from - for begun fights between the workers employed on reconstruction of hostel GUINa. The arrived firemen have found out three men with koloto - rezanymi wounds. Among them there was employee GUIN of Ministry of Justice. As it was found out, the younger sergeant of internal service Dmitry Dyomin has tried to separate fighting and has received blow by a knife on a throat. Wounded men are hospitalised. Four persons are detained. Investigation is made.
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From the veteran have withdrawn psychotropic substances
Yesterday in settlement Old Kupavna of Noginsk area of Moscow suburbs law enforcement officers during operation the Dope At a search in apartment and garage 39 - the summer local resident in the street Tchkalov was found out by 230 ampoules on 10 ml 20 - a percentage solution of psychotropic substance aksibuterata sodium and 1758 tablets fenazepama. The big doses of these medicinal substances are equated to drugs. The owner of a warehouse has informed militiamen that it is the president of local branch of the All-Russian public organisation of disabled veterans in Afghanistan. As he said, such considerable quantity of preparations is necessary for its wards to invalids - to Afghans . Meanwhile in the All-Russian public organisation of disabled veterans in Afghanistan to the correspondent have informed that they do not have branch in Noginsk area, as well as in general the local organisations, and, probably, the Afghan at which have withdrawn psychotropic substances, is the impostor or has created the organisation independently. Now from the owner of a warehouse the subscription about nevyezde is taken. Trial is conducted.