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Anatoly Bykova recognised as territorially within the jurisdiction

Yesterday Moscow City Court presidium has decided that Anatoly Bykova`s accused of the organisation of attempt at one of partners business, will obey in Petty-bourgeois intermunicipal court of capital. Process will begin about New year.

the problem connected with a place of consideration of criminal case of former head KrAza Anatoly Bykova, has arisen at once after end of official investigation in March of this year. At first inspectors of Severo - the Western district Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow have directed materials to Tushinsky intermunicipal court though lawyers of the businessman strongly objected, including this decision infringement of a principle of territorial jurisdiction. inspectors have made a mistake, - confirmed then lawyer Henry Padva. - Under their version, being in Krasnoyarsk, Bulls gave orders on physical elimination of the former partner of Pavel Struganova but instead of judging it in a place of commission of crime, business have left in Moscow. And on rather doubtful basis: ostensibly not taken place killer Alexander Vasilenko lived on demountable apartment in Tushine .
Process has been appointed to October, 22nd, but at the first session the judge of Tushinsky court Vladimir Golev has taken out definition about transfer of criminal case to Petty-bourgeois court of capital. He motivated the decision with that in its territory there is FSB division where mister Vasilenko was with indications.
In turn the public prosecutor of Moscow Michael Avdjukov has protested the decision of the judge in Moscow City Court, insisting on that business was considered there where it was investigated.
Having heard the lecturer and all interested parties, the presidium of Moscow City Court under the chairmanship of Olga Egorovoj was rejected yesterday by the protest of the public prosecutor, having left business in Petty-bourgeois court. And Egorov`s madam has read only definitive verdict, without having told words about its legal substantiation.
Henry Padva has apprehended it as a personal victory. this extremely important decision, - the lawyer has informed. - the Moscow City Court indirectly recognised as illegal carrying out of an investigation of the case of Anatoly Bykova by Office of Public Prosecutor Severo - the Western district. Accordingly, a concerning preventive punishment to Bykovu is illegal and all decisions of Tushinsky court, for example. Now I will petition for clearing of my client from ` Lefortovo ` and about transfer of business to Krasnoyarsk regional court .
Sources in Moscow City Court knew that process will begin about New year. Will watch succession of events.