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At the person with a gun will appear also money

Yesterday the Duma after two-hour discussion has approved in the first reading the governmental amendments abreast of the laws, concerning reception by military men of a monetary contentment and privileges. An essence of amendments: privileges are cancelled, and the contentment increases to a wage level of state employees. Yesterday the government in the reformatory initiatives nearly has not suffered defeat in the Duma.

under plans of the government since July, 1st, 2002 official salaries of military men, since the first deputy minister in central office and finishing arrows in armies, should be increased in a range from 72 % (arrow) to 175 % (the commander of a platoon). And since January, 1st, 2004 the sizes of salaries on military ranks will increase also. Military men in ranks from the senior ensign to the general will receive on 50 % more (except second lieutenants to whom the increase in 39 % is given). To foremen will add 44 %, to the senior sergeants and the main foremen - 35 %, and to private soldiers and sailors - 42,8 %. In the budget - 2002 it is already planned 23,6 mlrd rbl. on these increases (from them 10,6 mlrd rbl. - on increase in pensions the military man). And in general all this military - currency reform will cost 62,6 mlrd rbl.
In exchange it is offered to cancel 50 - a percentage privilege the military man on payment of habitation and municipal and telephone services, and also pension extra charges. The privilege on surtax is cancelled this year. Nevertheless, as convinced yesterday deputies vitse - prime minister Alexey Kudrin and the deputy minister of defence Igor Puzanov, if now the military man taking into account all privileges brings home 1890 rbl. after payment of habitation and utilities, after reform it will bring 3681 rbl.
the Part of deputies (and in the Duma enough military men) were not inclined to trust the government and the Minister of Defence. I the senior engineer in a stock, receive 1700 rbl., 653 rbl. To crying for utilities taking into account a privilege. From your giving since January, 1st I will pay 1306 rbl. - deputy Victor Alksnis was indignant. Such rent for usual apartment in Moscow is not present, - Alexey Kudrin unperturbably parried. - at you or the area too big, or you live in a condominium . The government accused that it promised to raise a contentment on 20 % since September, 1st. Alexey Kudrin was indignant: But we offer still bolshee increase! however to it have there and then made a complaint that privileges cancel since January, 1st, 2002, and a contentment will raise only since July, 1st. the question political, - has significantly declared vitse - admiral Valery Dorogin. - Why in 1917 50 % of army has come over to the side of the red? Because did not receive the maintenance . The same Victor Alksnis has even more exaggerated all: In one before an exemplary division soldiers now zavshiveli. And revolt on ` Potyomkin ` has begun with rotten meat .
Despite rough protests, the bill has been accepted by 249 voices. But after Alexey Kudrin has promised to satisfy requirements of fraction of OVR - by project preparation in the second reading to provide an order of regular indexation of a contentment according to inflation, and extra charges for a rank to raise not since January, 1st, 2004, and a year earlier.