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The opusknaja price

Each automobile owner throughout life of the cars acts at first as their buyer, and then and the seller. Magazine the Autopilot since November begins the publication of a short course of practical economy which will help at purchase and car sale. The first chapter - purchase of the new car in salon.

in Russia the culture of trade in cars yet does not know concept seasonal sale . Nevertheless there are two seasonal peaks of sales - spring and autumn. The season factor poorly affects the price, but is strong - on goods presence. On the other hand, dealers date various marketing actions for this time.
however since August all factories start to let out cars of next modelling year, and dealers, accordingly, prefer to get rid from drains . Therefore is better to buy cars from October till December.
a price - sheet at all dogma. And blindly to be guided by it it is not necessary. The auction is pertinent not only at purchase of the second-hand car. Remember: the dealer is terribly interested in selling the car so, by definition it is ready on a discount. The margin for it - not the most important thing (the size of a margin from sale of cars in incomes of official dealers does not exceed 50 %). The main thing - to receive the client and to adhere it to service. On the statistican, more than 90 % of owners of new foreign cars repair and serve the cars in the same place where them have bought.
certainly, hardly in salon to you at once will throw off one hundred - another only because colour of the chosen car does not approach to a suit. To demand a discount instead of various gifts - free winter rubber, registration in traffic police, an autocosmetics set in addition much more reliably and more effectively. At the car advanced order it is possible to demand a discount on the ground that it is necessary to you to freeze the sum paid as advance payment.
to Receive a discount in 5 % it is possible, having issued the car on the legal body. The organisations at purchase of cars do not pay the tax from sales, and it is a minus of 5 %. However the legal body should be close enough to the buyer as it is difficult, without involving attention of corresponding tax departments, to transfer the car from balance of the enterprise of private hands.
how still to save at car purchase in salon, you learn from November the Autopilot .
Besides, in number: Jeep Cherokee New, BMW 7 - ER New, Audi A6 2,4 MT and Tiptronic and Multitronic, Audi Allroad (the long-term test), Doninvest Orion - M, Toyota Land Cruiser 80 (a heading trehletka ), Mitsubishi Pajero - II ( the Second car ), Nissan Primera, Skoda Superb, GAS - 67 ( Life of remarkable cars ).