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The thunder-storm of the Petersburg journalists will stay on freedom

Kuibyshev federal court of Petersburg the sentence has pronounced to the deputy of Legislative Assembly Sergey Shevchenko. The deputy has been recognised by guilty in vymogatelstvah and is sentenced to 7,5 years of the conditional conclusion. In Petersburg process became one of the main things is criminal - political shows of week. With details - ANDREY - TSYGANOV.

the adjudgment originally appointed on Wednesday, has been transferred at the last minute on Thursday - and yesterday the defendant obviously was nervous. In 10. 30 mornings Sergey Shevchenko has told the last word consisting literally from two phrases: I in what am not guilty. I ask court to be objective then judges have left in a consultative room.
having noticed the press photographer, trying to embody the people`s choice on an exit from a hall, the mister of Shevchenko has roughly enough stopped this attempt, in passing having released some unparliamentary expressions. Other participants of process remained calm and collected to the sentence which was disclosed from o`clock in the afternoon to half third.
though the public prosecutor in the speech has asked to appoint to the deputy of Shevchenko nine years of a colony of a high security with property confiscation, practically nobody doubted a court lobby that the deputy is threatened at worst with conditional term. Not casually mister of Shevchenko has not accepted any special security measures (which could be useful to it in case of more rigid sentence) and was in court with one security guard accompanying it and at other sessions.
lawyers, having a presentiment of a victory, maliciously congratulated employees RUBOPa present there and then on their professional holiday - for November, 15th it is necessary 13 - I anniversary of creation in the Russian Federation special divisions on struggle against the organised crime; however this year RUBOP as separate structure has been liquidated. Journalists have arranged mini - a tote, guessing, why the court at least for ostrastki has not invited an escort in a hall.
at last at half past two judge Alexey Strizhakov has finished sentence announcement, and journalists who were not started up till now by group of support of the defendant, have rushed into a hall. The mister of Shevchenko, moving back and being closed from chambers by hands, has undersigned for the report and has gone to an exit - in an environment of protection and lawyers.
the sentence has appeared is severe. Sergey Shevchenko has been recognised by guilty of both episodes incriminated to it by preliminary investigation, - extortion $5 thousand at the correspondent of the newspaper Sankt - the Petersburg sheets Vladimir Kuznetsova and $50 thousand at the publisher of magazine teleman Maxim Kuzahmetova.
As already told, in both cases an occasion for arrivals on journalists there were their publications touching business of Sergey Shevchenko and his brother Vyacheslav (owning, in particular, night club The Hollywood nights on the Neva prospectus). Thus, as has established court, brothers of Shevchenko ran not only on misters of Kuznetsova and Kuzahmetova, but also and on other journalists and editors of the Petersburg mass-media devoting the publications to business authoritative businessmen. But the others or did not write statements to militia, or dispersed from brothers the world. So, known writer Andrey Konstantinov came on to an arrow to brothers of Shevchenko in the company authoritative businessman Vladimir Barsukova. Conversation, on expression of mister Barsukova (which it was interrogated on present process as the witness), it has not turned out . The editor of the Petersburg pages the New newspaper Alexey Razorenov who also has given to court of the evidence, has declared that has not apprehended seriously threats of brothers.
In definitive edition of a sentence on Sergey Shevchenko`s business (his brother after criminal case excitation has disappeared at once and till now is registered in federal search) there were only episodes of Kuznetsova and Kuzahmetova. On a sentence of court the deputy has received 7,5 years of the conditional conclusion. Besides, the court has obliged the mister of Shevchenko to pay $10 thousand to Maxim Kuzahmetovu which that has ostensibly transferred to the extortioner through authority Ruslana Koljaka.
Under the statement of judges, they found possible to appoint to the defendant conditional punishment as on its expense there is an one-and-a-half-year-old child. Besides, as has informed court, the deputy is the invalid of the second group (Sergey Shevchenko has received physical inability in a pre-trial detention centre, in preliminary investigation in a pre-trial detention centre) and has numerous petitions from the different public and charitable organisations to which helped as the deputy and as the large businessman.