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Today, on November, 5th, 48 years to the chairman of deputy group " are executed; Regions of Russia to Oleg Morozovu
Happy birthday Oleg Morozova is congratulated by the vice-president of the Duma committee on the credit organisations and the financial markets Martin Shakkum:
- Dear Oleg Viktorovich! Not be you the leader of deputy group Regions of Russia we would know you as not ordinary poet, the presented musician, the publicist or the political thinker.
your performances in the State Duma something it is similar to an author`s song: deep, bright, original, always mentioning mind and soul of the listener, not leaving anybody indifferent. You the head, able to unite round yourselves the most different people, revealing the best that is in them. In our deputy group you the first among equal, present leader not on a post, and on calling and talent. I believe that in the politician you are waited by the big future. New time demands new people, such as you, - competent, sincere, extremely fair, shining in everything, and the main thing, on - to the present sincerely generous. I wish you a sound health, grandiose fulfilments, huge happiness and good luck in all.
the heading is conducted by OKSANA - ALEKSEEVA