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Northern misalliance

the Antitalib coalition has split a question on the government

Against military successes of antitalib forces in Afghanistan a question on the country future passes in a political plane and outlined before a disagreement between winners in the name of Northern alliance and by the world community are shown more and more distinctly. Yesterday the United Nations Security council has accepted the resolution calling for creation in Afghanistan of a transition government. Representatives of Northern alliance have declared this very day that the council of war generated by them will correct.

military operations in Afghanistan were conducted yesterday in vicinities of the city of Kunduz - the centre of the province with the same name in the extreme north of the country. There to an environment has got to 20 thousand soldiers the Taliban doing not wish to surrender, and representatives of Northern alliance have promised that all of them are waited by inevitable death. However, under messages of the representative northerners Mohammad Habila (Mohammad Habeel), at night in Kunduze two have landed military - the transport plane which have taken out from an environment a part of the foreigners who were at war on the party of Talibs, presumably to Pakistan. According to mister Habila, among these foreigners there was also a leader of Islamic movement of Uzbekistan Dzhuma Namangani (Joomaye Namangani).
On - former inconsistent messages come from area of Kandahar. Apparently, this city while is in hands of Talibs which the day before declared Kandahar new capital of Afghanistan. In the same place while there is also a spiritual leader of movement the Taliban mullah Mohammad Omar (Mohammad Omar). As forces of Talibs even after the American bombardments surpass forces northerners approximately twice, taking Kandahar storm, it is not necessary to speak. Leaders of antitalib forces need to count or on revolt local pushtunskih tribes, or that Talibs will leave this city as have left all largest cities of the country.
separate skirmishes occurred yesterday and in other areas of Afghanistan, including that nominally are under the power of Northern alliance. But the main events were developed on a political scene.
yesterday the United Nations Security council has unanimously accepted the resolution, calling to create in Afghanistan a transition government for the purpose of the further formation of the government on a wide basis which will represent interests of all people of Afghanistan and to adhere to world principles in mutual relations with neighbours . The Same resolution urges all parties of the conflict to refrain from revenge. About sending of peacekeeping forces to Afghanistan directly it is not told, but in the document the appeal to the international community contains to assist in safety in the areas released from Talibs, in particular, in Kabul.
in what degree leaders of Northern alliance are ready to respond to these appeals, is not clear yet. Anyway, yesterday Mohammad Habil has declared that any transition government in Kabul will not be formed, and the power will be in hands created on the eve of the higher council of war - all places in it are occupied with representatives of Northern alliance. Has headed council Minister of Defence Mohammad Fahimhan (Mohammad Fahim Khan). Thus mister Habil has clearly let know that till the end of winter about any other form of government of speech does not go.