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As much as possible French taste

the First originally French restaurant in Moscow

Idea the White square (Carre Blanc) to the ingenious it is simple. Authenticity of atmosphere in any institution is provided with people. To open in Paris Russian restaurant, Russian command is necessary. And to open the French restaurant in Moscow, the command of Frenchmen is necessary. And they should be not hired workers, and co-owners, owners, authors. Executive - chef Eric Le - Provos (Eric Le Provos) and the chief - somele, the first headwaiter Frank Ardi (Franck Hardy) have acted for the first time in this role. Becoming co-owners the White square they, according to Eric, at last - that have found freedom and now can do everything that want .
the Way to freedom was long. Eric works ten years in Moscow (the Moscow commercial club, Le Chalet, the Actor the Reporter London - the Pub the Mirage the Viking Le Duc), and Frank has arrived from Paris eight years ago. Restaurant Le Duc applying for the status of one of the most semi-official and expensive French institutions of Moscow became the last in their general track record. For these years Eric and Frank have perfectly learnt Russian and still often could not find common language with the Russian colleagues. In the White square such problems are not present and will not be. An interior of halls and kitchens, were engaged in furniture and equipment selection, working out of firm design and style in Olivier Ksatar (Olivier Xatar) and Frank Verre (Franck Verret). The Head cook, supervising work on kitchen, became Eric Stefan Le`s brother - Provo (Stephan Le Provos). The menu were developed by Eric. The wine card was made by Frank Ardi, it manages a wine cellar, trains the personnel and is responsible for work in a hall. Thus, founders the White square The right to errors, flaws and absurdities which continually faced in an operating time at another`s restaurants have obviously lost. Features of the Russian restaurant business are not entered in frameworks the White square .
Than differs Carre Blanc from other French restaurants of Moscow? Interiors of an ancient two-storeyed private residence are not completely mastered, opened yet while a bistro - tapas, piano - a bar, restaurant on the ground floor and a wine cellar in a cellar. But stileobrazujushchee the beginning is already necessary: light and air maximum, a large quantity of windows, light lungs of the tone, expensive furniture of mahogany, leather chairs and sofas of a gentle cream shade, many-tier false ceilings, vanguard white square ware. Olivier Ksatar is engaged in design of private houses, therefore the White square It has appeared it is similar to the good private house, with expensive modern conditions at all deprived of grandiosity, excessive luxury and the pretentiousness so peculiar to many Moscow restaurants.
the menu represents not weighty volume to which the client in literal sense can strike on the spot, and the two-page program on each certificate. The card of aperitifs, a wine list, dizhestivov, a card of the basic menu, desserts, the bistro menu - tapas separately move. Frank Ardi insists on that all texts quickly and were easily read. First of all it concerns a wine card which finds room on six big sheets and the fault on categories, cepages, millesimes and to the prices gives the chance to compare. The wine list maintenance too has appeared innovative. For the first time for 16 years of work somele Frank Ardi has stepped over the French chauvinism also has created an international collection of wines. In it 700 positions are presented, including fault of Europe, a New World, including Mexico, and also Georgia, Crimea, are expected fault of Armenia. 50 names of a card stand within 30 - 60 c.u. Frank Ardi`s the Most favourite wines for today have appeared Argentina red, possessing as much as possible natural taste, without the introduced shades of vanilla and a butt.
the same principle naturalnosti and pervozdannosti products is professed in the author`s menu by Eric Le - Provo. Before opening the Square Eric went to Barcelona, in restaurant to the friend, to look that the newcomer . A minimum of ornaments, the maximum freshness of products, clearness of form and content - these are the most actual tendencies in Barcelona, and in France. Therefore all garnishes in the menu are offered now separately, products have as much as possible expressed taste (tomatoes, for example, only Tashkent), dishes is underlined are laconic. If it fua gra, a duet of a goose and duck liver, or a cutlet from fua gra under sauce kalvados. If snails, in garlick oil, if frikase from the frog pads, with tomato konkasse, a duck with oranges, sea combs with truffles, fish - a prize with artichokes, the veal kidneys under mozhzhevelovym sauce, cote de boeuf with sauce bearnez.
In a tiny bistro - tapas the menu even more simple. The special atmosphere so typical for the French bistros Here reigns: it is possible to stand, sit, move from a bar counter to tables, to talk loudly, laugh, drink a glass of wine with fresh oysters or small Spanish snack - tapas, to eat a stake from beef with French fries, a pork piece with mashed potatoes or a stake from a salmon in wine sauce.
and, at last, one more important detail. Eric Le - Provos and Frank Ardi have decided to destroy a stereotype of expensive French cuisine and to refuse the high prices. The supper in a bistro manages in 25 c.u. A supper with wine at restaurant - 70 - 90 c.u.

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