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Piramidostroitel stole from the

Employees UBOP of Moscow Region have detained one of recruiters known in the field of a financial pyramid the Grandee Vladimir Ovchinnikova. The speculator took for reception of entrance fees from several inhabitants of Moscow suburbs.

as have told in UBOPe, changing names and remitting a debt to the creditors, the pyramid in which Vladimir Ovchinnikov worked, operates already more than five years. At first it was called the Choice then the Olympus . Lately clients collected under a signboard of elite club the Grandee .
duties 25 - summer Ovchinnikova as have told in UBOPe, included exact definition of a financial position of a victim, occurrence into trust and as a result reception from it an entrance fee which reached several thousand dollars.
During a search in Noginsk detectives have found a large quantity of the scientific literature in apartment of the speculator - it constantly improved skills of psychology of dialogue. To the clients the swindler in paints told about all benefits of membership in elite club: he promised privileges for habitation reception, purchase of cars and besides monthly payments in currency. The speculator supported iridescent prospects with a personal example: he ostensibly owned two apartments and five cars. However, as field investigators have found out, at Vladimir Ovchinnikova, the former driver, was not not only the car, but also own apartment - he lived at relatives. The source of well-being of members of a pyramid opened right after introductions. Each new clubman was offered to involve a three more. the it is more than us, the we are stronger - recruiters informed the victims. On a lapel of a jacket the speculator carried a badge of club in the form of a pyramid, but also it did not guard its clients. Vladimir Ovchinnikov established the size of an entrance fee independently, depending on a prosperity of the client. So, among last victims of the swindler have appeared the businesswoman from Noginsk which, without reflecting, has brought $2700, and the native of Electrostal ($2200). Then all of them have involved in a pyramid of the subordinates, and those have brought on some thousand dollars. The list has been found in records piramidostroitelja from more than 100 persons who have brought in a pyramid the means.
concerning Vladimir Ovchinnikova who has been detained in Noginsk at the moment of negotiations with the next clients (they had time to write applications for admission to club), criminal case under item 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (swindle) is brought. Before business were got and on other recruiters, however any of them with a verdict of guilty has not ended, as officially registered charter of club provides gathering of donations. Vladimir Ovchinnikov was pierced that left half of raised money to itself. Now it is threatened with imprisonment for the term from two till six years.