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In Moscow the Prohibition

In The Real MaCoy is declared pour from - under floors.

the restaurant criticism with Darya Tsivinoj

At the time of the dry law in America traded known butleger in Makkoj. Unlike the majority of the colleagues who were engaged in underground manufacture of alcohol, it carried the present Cuban rum in States. Illicit rum from Makkoja used improbable popularity. Habitues of underground bars always asked waiters: that for binge and if those answered: Present Makkoj it was the best recommendation for a drink. Gradually expression Real MacCoy became for Americans a synonym 100 - percentage quality. That is why, having opened the underground butlegersky a bar, Vyacheslav Lankin (its previous brilliant project - Pancho Vilja ) Has chosen this name.
the bar has appeared on a place of restaurant Zoo and has used details of its interior. The huge copper tub with thick pipes in the hall centre symbolises now boiling cubic Behind a bar counter the hiding place disappears - the battery of steam heating rises, and behind it it appears mini - a bar. In a hall end face there are echelons of bottles on pouring. From underground shops (it a bar) on a narrow corridor you get to a hall the VIP for the finished it is red - the white striped upholstery, arranged with cosy sofas - a compartment and decorated with photos 20 - h years.
mister Lankin and PR - director Evgenie Samoletov welcome visitors in magnificent dresses: linen shirts, black waistcoats, a pocket watch on a chain, round kettles. On an input of visitors some more surprises wait - someone`s immured boots stick out of a wall, on a floor open figures of two corpses are drawn by a chalk. In a toilet with prison lattices and handcuffs everyone are worked some seconds by flashlight, embodying just in case each client. All alcohol in The Real MacCoy pour from - under floors: strong spirits move in teapots and spread in cups. The Irish whisky here name tea on - irlandski Scottish, accordingly, on - shotlandski . Wine bottles put on a table only in paper packages. A vodka bottle submit baked in a bread loaf. Which - what alcohol gets to clients in false books.
for an epoch of the American dry law blossoming of popularity of cocktails (alcohol secretly added in soft drinks) has had. Therefore in Moscow butlegerskom a bar set of the most different cocktails, since classical Stuff and finishing sparkling fizzami and explosive shutterami. All night long and till late morning (with 0. 00 till 12 o`clock) in a bar last Happy hours - having ordered one of numerous cocktails (150 rbl.), one portion of rum, gin, tequila, vodka (90 rbl.), one house tincture (120 rbl.) or a beer glass (40 rbl.), you receive two portions vysheoznachennogo alcohol.
except binge The Real MacCoy offers the extensive menu. From 5 o`clock till 12 o`clock it is possible to have breakfast an omelette or fried eggs (60 rbl.). Always there is a possibility to have a snack sandwiches or toasts with French fries (120 - 180 rbl.). To Even more circumspect clients trying though as - that to neutralise action present Makkoja hot Mexican flat cakes kesadija and tortijja with different napolniteljami (180 - 240 rbl.), special hungover soup " are addressed; the Ministry of Emergency Measures from a birdbrain with ginger, egg and greens (120 rbl.) The nourishing pastes seasoned with parmesan, including tagliatelli in syrno - creamy sauce with gorgonzoloj and the crude egg, hissing fahitas on a frying pan and a shish kebab from the bull eggs with sharp nut sauce of all for 300 rbl. However, even after such thorough snack underground intoxication of visitors becomes sooner or later obvious.