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Days off on - daosski

Day with sacred Valentine - a good occasion to visit a two-day seminar Taoist sexual secrets .
Direct contact at us is not provided, - organizers of a seminar, the Russian schoolgirls Chinese chastely warn sex - teachers. - each participant works only with the sexual energy . Seductive dresses also are excluded. Neophytes comprehend sexual secrets in free sportswear. Lessons pass at candles, on pillows in the small mixed groups on 12 - 15 persons. For the night sexual students necessarily send home.
After a short theoretical course sex - students start a practical part - to exercises on work with sexual energy. It appears, there are three kinds of this energy: Not raised about which existence the most part mortal simply does not suspect, semiraised and orgazmicheskaja. To feel each of them and to learn them to operate, participants of a seminar carry out numerous exercises with rather exotic names. For example, Orgazmichesky vytjagivanie upwards . However, interaction with the third type of energy should be fulfilled independently - tasks are given on the house.
in process of immersing in a subject even more intriguing details are found out. It is found out that sexual energy - hardly probable not the most powerful in a human body. Practising sex not on - daosski, no less than those who at all is not engaged in similar nonsenses, lose this energy. Female energy runs low in critical days. The man loses it at the moment of reception of the highest pleasure.
smart Chineses, however, managed to solve this problem. Taoist wise men have developed a number of exercises (them only the Chinese nobility in due time practised) which allow both floors to remain at the energijah. Besides, thoroughly studied all complex of Taoist love techniques it is guaranteed also so-called dolinnyj an orgasm. Usually achievement of the highest sexual satisfaction is accompanied by muscular reductions in the field of genitals. At dolinnom an orgasm muscles of all body, from heels to top are reduced. Adherents assure that the person thus receives the greatest possible pleasure.
to study Taoist sexual knowledge for one uik - end, naturally, very difficult. But it is necessary to risk. However, it is necessary to remember, what even the most presented pupils master the program for two - three months, and at hardworking, but incapable on it can leave three - four years. Cost of a two-day seminar - $280.
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