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Sari on - belgijski

New collection Dries van Noten

the Habit to wear clothes of the Belgian designers has appeared in the Moscow creative circles recently. Now on such clothes straight off it is possible to define well earning intellectual. In the world fashion designers so-called antverpenskoj schools ten years are influential. And this with the fact that Belgians - not dictators also do not create uniform national style. Each of them works over own concept of a fashion. In Moscow creative people have felt taste to their clothes only in the summer of last year. Most advanced have appeared: a top of conceptual boutiques of last summer of Ann Demelmejster (Ann Demeulemeester), won love of Muscovites to this winter Dirk Bikkembergs (Dirk Bikkembergs) and the master of difficult jersey Martin Mardzhela (Martin Margiela). And Dris van Noten (Dries van Noten), the fan of the Indian motives.
Some years successively ethnic things were not central Drisa in collections van Notena. It was fond slightly dekonstruktivistskimi of the attires reminding half-finished products of good European clothes. But this summer the old love to India has again had an effect. Its new collection will be in demand in the stuffy and dusty Moscow summer. It is more convenient than anything closing a body, but thus very easy and blown clothes for such uneasy weather it is not thought up.
it is similar to those clothes from a fabric - marlevki that when - that were in summer clothes of each Muscovite. Only all as - that blagorodnee, sderzhannee and equally well looks and on bright southerners, and on pale severjankah. With a classical Indian ornament not so it is a lot of patten fabrics, and that it is less than coupons. To regulate degree etnichnosti own dress easily by means of accessories. - feed bags for women, bright tsvetastye ties for men, and here embroidered by east patterns whether scarfs, whether belts it is possible to carry the embroidered bags without dependence from a floor.
besides bagatelles, at first sight, found in a warehouse of shop popular about twenty years ago Ganges are intricate enough. At an easy ladies` blouse in style of a man`s shirt one sleeve appears twice more widely another. Almost usual man`s shirt from a dense clap on each side from a lath - fasteners is supplied by lightnings. If them to clasp, the shirt becomes given a close fit and slightly skosobochitsja - the lightning is sewn wrong way. The majority of female blouses turns around round a waist, paternal the clothes look dynamical, and at the same time remind unsuitable for city life sari.
At a skirt with a smell behind, at first sight, a usual wide frill. Actually it is the artful design, called to make thin European women on - east magnificent. And wide, prisborennye over a breast sundresses on thin straps are close to Muscovites on genetic level also go all. These clothes are ideal, when the temperature reads off scale for 40 degrees.
easy trousers in east style - the most convenient summer city clothes. Dris van Noten offers on a choice wide from above and fitting shins dimensionless dzhapury with slonkoj around a knee and fitting as leginsy, thin trousers in the Indian style - them carry with transparent skirts and long jumpers. Such comfort is doomed to success. To get bagatelles Dries van Noten it is already possible in boutiques Lide and Le Form ($100 - 700).