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Successful efforts of love

Gifts by Day of sacred Valentine

Day of sacred Valentine - a professional holiday of all enamoured - also a kitsch holiday. This day the main gifts - hearts, the soft toys, different ridiculous adaptations and other nonsense. To choose such gifts it is necessary accurately as the chance to get and present something absolutely insipid is great more than ever. And it is impossible to be dishonoured in any way: affairs warm do not suffer misses.
for example, at Chaumet there is the special collection devoted to Day enamoured - St. Valentine`s Day. Enamoured it is necessary to concentrate and pay attention to heart - a suspension bracket. Front door Chaumet has refused bourgeois chains in favour of thick cords of ribbons. On a ribbon large heart from yellow or white gold hangs. Instead of an eyelet through which usually there passes a chain, Chaumet has thought up two sticks reminding crossed swords of guardsmen of the cardinal. Swords - sticks are executed from white brilliants or is simple from gold. The price of heart with a ribbon - from $1150 to $2795. A gift for girls serious, but smiling.
at Chopard (collection Happy Diamonds) hearts - the suspension brackets collected from white brilliants are presented. Firm invention Chopard - floating brilliants - is used to the full. In the heart centre - suspension brackets there is a cavity, and in it five jewels move. Those to whom brilliants will seem an official stone (suddenly you yet have not decided to declare engagement), can look after at Chopard heart - a suspension bracket with yellow or blue tsitrinami. It looks so: big enough heart from yellow gold on which there is a heart less - from yellow tsitrina. The price for hearts Chopard - from $1150 to $5550. A gift for the gentle girl, the fan of wine, oysters and fresh air.
at de Grisogono it is possible to find it is black - a white necklace - a collar from seven diamond hearts. The smallest hearts are located around clavicles, and to the centre diamond hearts start to increase in sizes. In a necklace black and white brilliants alternate with each other - as figures on a chessboard. White heart has black a leg black, on the contrary, the white. The necklace price - $13 000. A gift for the woman of the world, a magnificent and sensual lioness.
in collection Etoile Tiffany and Co. All hearts - suspension brackets on design conservative. They are executed from yellow gold and white brilliants of a round facet. On the strict case of a suspension bracket in an asymmetric order five brilliants have settled down. Philosophy Tiffany and Co. Has not changed: these are memorable gifts forever. The price - $4900. A gift for absolutely young creations, diligent, strict and exacting.
even more conservative, than at Tiffany and Co., hearts can be found only at British Graff. These are hearts from white brilliants of almost ideal cleanliness (cleanliness of stones it is well-known Graff) in a classical round facet. Suspension brackets Graff look so: white brilliants are collected a framework in the form of heart. In a design - emptiness. Hearts Graff are intended for those who in Day of sacred Valentine firmly intends to declare engagement. The price - $5000.
And here hearts from Pasquale Bruni - magnificent hippovskie things. These are amusing hearts - suspension brackets from gold, white or konjachnyh brilliants, and also semiprecious stones - tsitrinov and chalcedonies. Under the form of heart Pasquale Bruni flat and bent. They are similar to potato chips. Stones are collected in flower groups or flocks of asterisks so that remind classical weaving hippovskih baubles. An underside of hearts - openwork weaving in style ar - nuvo. At Pasquale Bruni there is absolutely special bagatelle for the enamoured. It is pair of gold matches (kulony, brooches). Additional ornaments - brilliants, pink and blue sapphires. Plus inscription Accendemi that means light me . The prices for ornaments Pasquale Bruni - from $3000 to $30 000. Extravagant gifts in the spirit of dolce vita.
In one of last collections Baccarat A la folie full it is full kulonov in the form of hearts. They are executed from the well-known crystal Baccarat and yellow gold. The form of hearts is artless: it seems, designers Baccarat have copied it from unpretentious greeting cards. In the heart centre - gold seredinka - a button. The price kulonov in boutique Baccarat - from $195 to $220. A gift for the student, beauties and clear heads.
frameworks for photos - one of the most popular gifts on Valentines day. At Baccarat there are double frameworks from crystal with a vegetative engraving in which the loving couple can place at once two photos. The framework price in boutique Baccarat (12 x 18,5 sm) - $360. Frameworks for photos Chopard for this mark has developed de Grisogono (as it is known, these companies are connected by family bonds). 925 tests executed from silver rectangular frameworks Chopard are decorated by multi-coloured ladybirds. Such framework present to the first love. The price of frameworks Chopard: 13 x 18 sm - $920, and 9 x 13 sm - $960. The thick silver framework in the form of heart will manage in $930. Memorable gifts.
it is better to strong half to present cuff links, purchase of hours needs to be left to men. At Tiffany and Co. Is both office, and evening cuff links. Very reserved office cuff links can be or flat oval, or in the form of the platen. Evening cuff links absolutely futuristic: a round ball with brilliants. Cuff links with a pattern " more conservatively look; pletenka or brilliant platens from the nacre, edged by gold. At Tiffany and Co. It is possible to find the present rarity: cuff links from silver of 925 tests. The most effective look as a rivet from jeans: an oval piece of silver on which test and a mark logo is beaten out. The price of cuff links from gold - $1100 - 4500, from silver - $350 - 700. At tiny cuff links Bvlgari (diameter only 9 mm) are all signs of classics: the round form and a gold fringing of a substrate from onyx. But on kantovke the logo is beaten out. This firm for Bvlgari reception does cuff links by much less conservative. The prices - from $1500 to $2000. All ljubovno - jewels of the named firms are on sale in boutiques Mercury.
Except cuff links it is possible to present expensive handle: it is possible to choose, for example, the handle from collection Hexagonale from the Swiss company Caran d`Ache. Its main advantages - elegance and the Chinese varnish, which layers are put manually. Design of the handle rather predatory, sharp and, certainly, very business. The price perevoj handles Caran d`Ache in boutiques the Handle. Ru - $420 - 805, ink - $430 - 685, ball - $195 - 425.
At Italian it is better to pay attention to collection DoDo. This collection consists from small gold kulonov, executed in the form of animals - dolphins, giraffes, penguins, elephants, parrots, in a word, a full zoo. The prices - from $139 to $180 (boutique Pomellato).
the Soft toy - very important part of a gift. A bear cub from Burberry, certainly, the checkered. But it not classical beige cage Burberry, and one of its subspecies. Okras a bear - it is bluish - grey, with red and black cages. Eyes - buttons, ears upright, equipment of the true Englishman: sjurtuchok and a cap. Eyes you will not take away. The price of bear Burberry in boutique Redcode - $400.
any mysterious unit connected with love becomes Fine addition to a toy. Such can become musical the Verifier of love . The smart machine is capable to estimate quality and passion of kisses. The machine represents plastic heart with two contacts. Each of participants of a kiss a beret in a hand one of contacts. If throughout process loud music plays, means, with passion everything is all right. If the machine publishes terrible peep kisses are still insufficiently strong and it is necessary to work more carefully. The price the Verifier of love in shop Le Futur - $18.
There is an opinion what to give the present animals it is impossible. Opinion correct. But if you precisely know that the ladylove wants the small doggie, but does not dare to buy it independently - help it, eventually. Present a fashionable dog, the most cheerful and secular dog in the world - jorkshirskogo a terrier. The doggie quick, with bright eyes, a clever muzzle, sherstkoj long and soft. Okras at it - juicy zolotisto - red or cold it is bluish - steel. Zagljadenie, instead of a dog. When with such terrier are published, preliminary tie to it a bow on a head. Such dog always now hold under the arm Svetlana Konegen and Valentine Yudashkin. The price of a puppy - from $700 to $2000.
As it is known, cosmetics it is not accepted to give: it is easy to be trapped. But the etiquette supposes the permit in a beauty salon. To pay more correctly not one simple procedure (a hairstyle, manicure or massage), and program Beauty Day which lasts almost all the day. Winter Beauty Day from Christian Dior includes face care (these are four kinds of massage, a mask and creams from various lines Christian Dior) and care of a body (firm diorovskie massages, an anti-cellulite complex, pressoterapija, a lymphatic drainage). In the program also - manicure, a pedicure, a make-up and a dietary dinner in cafe Bosco di Ciliegi. The price of six-sentry Beauty Day in beauty salon Christian Dior - $300. Unique council: Day enamoured is better - taki to spend all not in a beauty salon, and, for example, at restaurant or on a summer residence at a fireplace. Together, without considering a dog.
Ekaterina ISTOMIN