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Efim Kurganov. A panegyric to a joke. SPb.: magazine publishing house the Star 2001

By definition not published a joke lately only also do that write down and print. And those who these numerous books and the Internet - sites does not read, in general consider that the joke has died for a long time. In protection mutirujushchego a genre the doctor of philosophy Efim Kurganov has acted.
the author the Panegyric to a joke attentively traces the historical background. If the theme is rather interesting also to you from the book it is possible to learn as, uniting two Russian governors, the image of Vovochka changed, what models underlie jokes about new Russian (for example, a cycle about mad driving on Mercedes Barrows erects to ancient tradition of express jokes, and the image of a cellular telephone considers as parody analogue tjazhelennoj palitsy Ilya Muromtsa ) What Pushkin is derided actually by jokes (truth, telling a joke about the Georgian Pushkin scholar and having attributed the erroneous citation Onegin, I about a bed will not rise to Pushkin, the researcher and itself confuses the novel to the opera libretto).
As if being afraid nedohvalit a joke, the author diligently enters it a line in history of Russian prose: from Chekhov to Dovlatov. After Dovlatov, according to Kurganova, with the literature there was the uttermost anekdotizatsija . In the ending a panegyric the author urges modern writers to collect jokes about itself. As an example the selection of short stories about Gogol, Zhukovsky and Pushkin is resulted.

Estel Monbren. Murder in the house of aunt Leonii/ N.Morozovoj`s Translation from French, A.Mihajlova`s preface. M: the Independent newspaper, 2002 (a Series the Author of murders )

As a scene of action of a parody detective of Estel Monbren the museum of Marseilles of Proust in Ille - Kombre is chosen. In that the house of aunt Leonii instead of the well-known cookies treat with the poisoned jam. And in a room on the second floor the corpse prustovedki is found out.
Such sacrilege is comparable unless with the Pushkin House Andrey Bitova - there, it is remembered, Pushkin scholars fought with each other, almost without scattering on the parties precious manuscripts. But all - taki, unlike the Russian prose writer, the author of the French detective does not try to lift at all the aunty`s house to symbol level. Stir borders of a genre and it is too indifferent - the quivering relation to the classic. That is any prustovskogo a consciousness stream any impressionism, the maximum achievement stylisations - the Thin slice of the moon poorly shined farm structures .
the author (as it is informed in the preface, behind pseudonym Estelle Monbrun disappears American frankofonka Elajna Dizon - Johns) with prustovedami, for which majority " much more safely manages; to read at least once from the beginning and up to the end at least one of editions In search of lost time already was a feat what they had no the slightest desire to repeat .
the Main heroine, modest post-graduate student Giselle, cannot formulate a dissertation theme in any way. While its more successful colleagues with might and main enjoy life and creativity, arranging prustovskie suppers prepare dishes under recipes, vychitannym from manuscripts: we will eat Today page 54, on fields at the left, 1911 . And the creation main propagandistki, Adeliny Bertran - Verdon, is renamed in the Directory psevdoprustoveda or All - that - you - always - wanted - that - all - thought - that - you - know - about - Proust - never - it is not - reading . Having chosen in a victim of Adelinu, the author as if with pleasure manages scientific justice.