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Interros Andrey Bugrov, the chief executive of the World bank from Russia has got the ambassador
, passes to work in the holding company Interros . After almost nine-year stay in structures of the World bank Andrey Bugrov which rank is equated to ambassadorial, returns home. He asserts that has left the post, in particular, from - for disagreement with the policy of the World bank leading to that the considerable part of credits given to Russia is spent for advisers of the same bank. However hardly it is possible to consider use of credits of the World bank as the true reason of leaving of mister Bugrova - so was all last nine years. Besides say that in Moscow to mister Bugrovu searched for replacement for a long time already. The post of the chief executive of the World bank from Russia was offered, in particular, to Sergey Dubinin, but the former chairman of the Central Bank has refused it.

Russian aluminium there is to the power
a Representative of the company Russian aluminium in Krasnoyarsk region Nikolay Ashlapov is appointed fulfilling duties of the first deputy of the governor of edge. The corresponding order was signed yesterday by governor Alexander Lebed. Holding earlier this post Yury Koropachinsky is appointed to the post the adviser for economic problems. Mister Ashlapov will fulfil duties of the first zama to the coordination of its nominee in edge Legislative Assembly. Nikolay Ashlapov has begun career of the businessman in youth commercial centre Merkury at Achinsk aluminous industrial complex (AGK), some time worked as director AGK. The local press informed that it has been connected with Open Company Svjatogor in which the profit of aluminous industrial complex was deduced. After arrival on industrial complex Russian aluminium Mister Ashlapov has sold to the new proprietor actions AGK belonging to it. Recently he headed socially - political movement Light .

At the Autovase has appeared the new investor
Guta - the bank has opened in January the demand line of credit of joint-stock company of Autovases in volume of 450 million rbl. the Credit agreement provides allocation the Autovase of three tranches on 150 million rbl. everyone for replenishment of circulating assets of the enterprise. This agreement is a part of the program of cooperation between AvtoVAZom and financially - investment association gosinkor - holding in which Guta - bank enters. Autovases in the end of 2001 has already obtained the credit from Guta - bank for the sum of 150 million rbl., and also otryl settlement accounts in branch Guta - bank in Tolyatti. In immediate prospects realisation of the joint project on payment of a salary to workers of the enterprise in which frameworks issue of 30 thousand payment cards is provided is planned. Let`s remind that specified in rapprochement of Guta - bank and the car factory, outlined after management change at the enterprise (see from February, 1st). It is not excluded that interest gosinkora to one of the largest autoindustrial complexes of Russia it is connected with forthcoming sale of a large share holding an Autovase which is now in pledge at the state.

Norilsk nickel has found the independent director
Open Society Board of directors GMK ` Norilsk nickel ` has considered offers of shareholders on nominees in company board of directors for 2002. According to the assistant to general director GMK Dmitry Razumova, the nominee of the independent director - Gi de for the first time is presented Sele (Guy de Cellier) which worked earlier in the European bank of reconstruction and development. Annual general meeting of shareholders on which the company board of directors will be re-elected, is appointed to June, 21st. In total 18 candidates apply for 11 places in council.
RBC, the Prime - TASS

Rosneft the Company " applies for the Kazakh gas
; Rosneft expects to receive to 20 % of shares of participation in Russian - the Kazakhstan joint venture on management of system of gas pipelines in territory of Kazakhstan. The president has informed on it " yesterday to journalists; Rosneft Sergey Bogdanchikov. Joint venture creation on management of system of gas pipelines of Republic Kazakhstan is provided by the memorandum of cooperation in gas branch which has been signed by Russia and Kazakhstan. Under this agreement in the joint venture should take part Kazakh Kaztransgaz and the Russian Open Society Gazprom .
the Prime - TASS

the Uranium deposit has replaced the owner
the License for working out of the Dalmatovsky uranium deposit (Kurgan region), one of the largest in Russia, in the near future will be renewed on Joint-Stock Company Dalur created specially for uranium extraction on this deposit. About it it is told in the joint decision of the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation and administration of the Kurgan region. Earlier the licence belonged FGUP Zelenogorskgeologija . The data about stocks of the Dalmatovsky deposit is not disclosed. Meanwhile, according to the experts uranium branch, they can make about 45 thousand t uranium. According to the federal target program Uranium of Russia with input in a system of the first stage of this deposit on it it was planned to extract about 700 kg of uranium a year that makes about 10 % of annual requirement of Russia in natural uranium.

LUKOIL has overestimated the oil
the Management of the oil company LUKOIL has made decision in first quarter to rise the intracorporate prices for oil on the average on 7 %. By data a press - the company services, the given measure is accepted to prevent destabilization of industrial activity and social conditions in affiliated societies of LUKOIL in connection with a situation aggravation in the world oil markets. The intracorporate price of oil for Open Company LUKOIL - Western Siberia it will be increased by 4,6 %, LUKOIL - Permneft - on 8,8 %, NK KomiTEK - on 8,2 %, Open Society Bitran - on 6 %.
Interfax - ANI

the Belarus petrochemistry will be privatised
On the instructions of the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko concern Belneftehim has made the decision about aktsionirovanii in March of this year of some the petrochemical enterprises. According to the vice-president of concern Anatoly Dzhusa, aktsionirovaniju six enterprises are subject: Naftan the Polyworld Nitrogen Belshina Mogilyov the Man-made fiber and Svetlogorsk the Man-made fiber . Earlier the president of concern Belneftehim Ivan Bambiza has informed that in aktsionirovanii the enterprises the Russian companies " plan to participate; Slavneft SIBUR, LUKOIL, Itera Amtel and Surgutneftegaz .
Interfax - ANI

Air Kazakhstan on the verge of bankruptcy
the National airline of Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan can be declared the bankrupt if it the next months will not manage to settle debt problems, the minister of transport and republic Ablaj Myrzahmetov communications (Ablaj Myrsahmetov) on a press - conferences in Astana has informed. Airline debts exceed $50 million The basic creditors - the state and Kazaeronavigatsija . The question on bankruptcy of airline depends on a position of Kazkommertsbank to which posesses 50 % of actions of airline, and the others of 50 % is in its management. To avoid bankruptcy, mister Myrzahmetov considers, the transfer of stock of the airline, being in Kazkommertsbank property, in management is necessary for the state which will prepare the program of exit Air Kazakhstan from crisis. According to the minister if it will not be possible to keep airline, the government will be compelled to create in Kazakhstan a new national carrier. Ablaj Myrzahmetov has not excluded that the airline " can become them created in last year together with British BAE Systems; Ejr Astana .
Interfax - Kazakhstan