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Financiers waited promised by Yakuts three years

Today in Office of Public Prosecutor of Yakutia the company statement " has arrived; Baltoneksim Finans with the requirement to file criminal charges against the president of republic Michael Nikolaeva and Minister of Finance Alexander Kugaevsky. The company intends to collect from Yakutia debts under the bonds which have been not extinguished still in 1998. The Yakut authorities see political implied sense in this history.

yesterday the investment company Baltoneksim Finans has extended a press - release from which follows that on December, 3rd it has directed to Office of Public Prosecutor Republics Sakhas (Yakutia) the statement with the requirement to institute criminal proceedings the Yakut president Michael Nikolaeva and Minister of Finance Alexander Kugaevsky. the Given statement became a consequence of long-term default by Republic Sakha (Yakutia) the obligations under a bonded loan - it is told in a press - release.
It is a question of bonds which the Yakut Ministry of Finance has placed in 1998. The part of these papers was bought by the ONEXIMBANK Rosbank became which assignee. Under the contract of cession from November, 1st, 2001 it has transferred the requirement rights on these papers to a total sum of 18,8 million roubles of the Petersburg investment company Baltoneksim Finans .

Yakutia has begun placing of bonds at a currency stock exchange of St.-Petersburg on February, 12th, 1998. In total emitter has placed three releases of bonds, however has not extinguished in time any. The default of Yakutia has occurred one week prior to a default of the federal government - on August, 10th, 1998.

we consider ourselves as the dissatisfied party within the limits of criminal law and are assured that the Office of Public Prosecutor will objectively check up all facts - director IK " has declared yesterday; Baltoneksim Finans Sergey Barsukov. In parallel with the reference in the Yakut Office of Public Prosecutor Petersburgers have addressed in court. In the end of November the Arbitration court of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region has accepted statement of claim IK Baltoneksim Finans having appointed a legal investigation to December, 21st.
Baltoneksim Finans any more for the first time resorts to criminal prosecution of the debtor. In June of last year the company has addressed with the statement in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Omsk region, having accused a number of officials of local administration, including governor Leonid Polezhaev, of evasion from judgement performance about repayment of regional bonds. The Office of Public Prosecutor has got criminal case under article Malicious evasion from accounts payable repayment . The prospect to be made answerable under article providing till two years of imprisonment, did not suit the respondent, and in September, 2000 of the party have concluded the agreement of lawsuit.
the Yakut authorities see in a modern history with bonds exclusively political implied sense. It wonderfully has coincided with election campaign in our republic. It is obvious that the next attack on discredit of president Michael Nikolaeva is undertaken. Its competitors on elections (among them the assistant to the public prosecutor Vasily Kolmogorov) have found one more way of pressure upon it through local Office of Public Prosecutor - Republics Sakhas (Yakutia) have declared yesterday in the Moscow representation.
it is necessary to note and one more coincidence, truth, not political, but comical character. Yesterday the international rating agency Moody ` s declared increase of a rating of Yakutia. Obviously, the agency, as well as the Yakut authorities, has counted a default of three-year prescription as not so essential circumstance.