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Staatsdirigismus, Russifizierung und schwere Zeiten fuer die Opposition
Seit einem Jahr regieren in Moldova Kommunisten
State dirizhizm, russification and hard times for opposition
in Moldova correct a year communists
has not passed also year as in Moldova there was that, as should happen. On parliamentary elections in February, 2001 the communist party led by Vladimir Voroninym (Vladimir Voronin) has won a triumphal victory: having received more than half of votes, communists have provided to themselves two thirds of places in the Kishinev parliament. In April the parliament has allowed Voroninu to stand on a post of the president. Among pre-election pledges of Voronina (ethnic Russian) and its party there was a freezing of the prices for the electric power, a stop of privatisation and giving to Russian of the status of the second state. Two thirds 4,4 - the million population of Republic Moldova - ethnic Romanians, their native language Romanian though in Moldova it officially is called Moldavian . Other inhabitants of republic - Ukrainians and Russian practically in an equal parity, and also about 100 thousand gagauzov, speaking on gagauzskom language (a Turkic language family). Voronin and communists have won a victory on elections as the people of this poorest European state where the monthly average income makes less than 30 euros, were disappointed in the incapacitated governments and eternally quarrelling politicians centrist and right parties. Since reception in 1991 of independence they only exhausted this former Soviet republic located between Romania and Ukraine, in an economic crisis more deeply. Voronin has come to power on a crest of a wave of social protests. It has headed for a withdrawal from the traditions of the independent Moldova which has arisen at presidents - ethnic Romanians of Mirche Snegure (Mircea Snegur) and Peter Luchinsky (Petru Luchinski). Voronin in general has refused irresolute market reforms in favour of orthodox restoration state dirizhizma (state attempt to regulate economy.-). And aspiration to communications with the brotherly state Romania and with the West it has replaced with resolute rapprochement with Russia.
one cannot say that the new government under the direction of the non-party of premieres - the minister Vasil Tarleva (Vasile Tarlev) has achieved how many - nibud considerable successes in overcoming of economic recession. Essentially there passed russification internal and foreign policy of Moldova is better. President Voronin often came with visits to Moscow where searched and has found - taki at president Putin understanding of the political and economic difficulties facing its country, - especially at payment of open accounts for the Russian gas. Even the law according to which Russian is allocated with the special status in the summer has been passed. Already from the beginning new educational 2001/ 02 years Russian should become an obligatory subject at all schools. However, at first Minister of Education Ilie Vancha (Ilie Vancea) has postponed its realisation as many parents and teachers have opposed this step. However then the minister nevertheless has disposed to begin since January, 1st at all schools teaching of Russian with the second step of training. Besides, this year the governmental order about giving to Russian as it has already been made concerning Romanian, the status of the second state language should be realised.
the Decree of the Minister of Education has caused a wave of protests which, should be, has surprised the government in Kishinev. Throughout several days on streets there were thousand pupils of average and higher educational institutions which some parents have joined also. Oppositional Hristiansko - democratic people party (HDNP) was a motive power in these protest actions. The high-ranking party officials who during elections in February of last year have received 7,6 % of voices and 11 of 101 places in parliament, urged parents of pupils to sue the Ministry of Education as Russian has been appointed by an obligatory subject without the consent to that of the persons, having the right to train. According to the current legislation, the choice of the first foreign language is business of parents and their children - in most cases till now it there was an English. During demonstrations temporarily fulfilling duties of head HDNP Vlad Kubrjakov (Vlad Cubreacov) urged to show resistance russifications of Moldova . And chairman HDNP Yury Roshka (Iurie Rosca), acting on meeting, has declared that it is impossible to admit, that language of the national minority making 10 % of the population, became state .
That fact that the political conflict between the government and opposition gets more and more ethnic character, bears in itself considerable potential for development of this conflict. After all revival of the Moldavian national self-identity by the end of the period of the Soviet power became important stimulus for Moldova in its aspiration to independence. As a result there was a Moldavian national movement which left HDNP. If the ethnic Romanian majority which in view of economic need by a majority of votes has voted for communists, would feel itself now, as in Soviet period, trampled Russian power power Voronina and its parties quickly would reel. On this background raises the doubts wisdom of the decision of the Ministry of Justice from January, 22nd about stay for a month of the official activity HDNP which is the initiator of illegal protests, and blocking of its bank accounts that has led to its actual interdiction. And reproaches of premieres - minister Tarleva to demonstrators who, as he said, used dispute round Russian only as a pretext for a frontal attack on the government and the state, did not promote situation improvement.
the conflict between Russian and Romanians in Moldova has led to serious deterioration of relations with the next Romanian state. The president and the prime minister - the minister of Romania Ion Iliesku (Ion Iliescu) and Adrian Nestase (Adrian Nastase) in the middle of January in Bucharest have expressed concern in situation development in Moldova and have reproached the government of Kishinev that it has evaded from democratic standards also makes an attempt deletings of the Romanian national self-identity the Moldavian national majority. Bucharest has made also the protest against a time interdiction of activity HDNP, however has solemnly declared that does not want to interfere with internal affairs of the next state. But for it Kishinev has reproached Bucharest, and it in it have supported the majority of the Russian newspapers which steadfastly watch succession of events in were a blossoming garden Soviet Union. Has historically developed that Moldova always was a toy in hands of large next powers and the region states. After finding by small republic Moldova of independence the situation practically has not changed.

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