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Jean - Pol Kamju: the grade of cognac

In Moscow, at restaurant " is necessary to each dish; Parkway there has passed the VIP a supper devoted to opening of Week of the French delicatessen Fight of French cuisine with Russian stomach . konjachnogo houses Camus Jean - Polem Kamju talked To head ALAIN`S ANTONOVA secular observer.
- During this supper in Parkway to each of five dishes the separate grade of cognac is offered. It is the basic moment?
- it is unconditional. Cognac shades a dish delicate taste, and on the contrary. We with the head cook Parkway Jean Lukossolem specially prepared whole konjachnoe the menu which it urged to show that cognac it is possible to have a snack not only a lemon. Here, for example, ideal aperitif - wine pino - de - sharant (Pineau des Charentes) on the basis of cognac. Further you try a cold dish - a nimbus from combs with a duck liver and aroma of bitter almonds and truffles. To it cognac " is ideally suited; Kamju Kjuve (Camus Cuvee). And here the fried fillet barabulki with sea seaweed and vjalenymi tomatoes should be submitted with cognac Kamju Napoleon (Camus Napoleon). Fried to a penalty puatujskogo a lamb with a thyme I recommend only under X. O. (X. O.) . Besides, it is very important that grades of cognac of Kamju move at certain temperature: from 3 degrees to room temperature.
- It is considered that cognac - traditionally man`s drink. What to do to young ladies who want to estimate flavouring scale of cognac?
- about ladies we have not forgotten. At Camus there is a special grade of cognac for women - Kamju Josephines (Camus Josephine). With it fresh fruit in crackers " perfectly is in harmony; and - lja Josephine .
- What do you think of Russian cuisine?
- some dishes from Russian cuisine I very much love (mainly soups). Some for me tjazhelovaty. But nevertheless we have some grades of cognac which are ideally suited for heavy Russian cuisine.
- this time in Moscow than be engaged, except participation in Week of the French delicatessen?
- we with the spouse all time walk across Moscow. Especially we like to wander along quays.
- Recently you often happen in Russia...
- yes because very much I love this country. And not only from - that Russia last ten years became the huge market for sale of our cognacs. I will tell that during the last years Moscow very much and has very much changed (beginning from roads and finishing shops and night clubs). Tastes have changed also. If in the middle of 80 - h the majority of Russian knew only one good cognac - Napoleon which went under all meal now many men of means have learnt to drink cognac correctly. I hope that after a Week of the French delicatessen (such weeks passed in due time time in 10 years since 1862, and since 1892 were patronised konjachnym by house Camus) such people in Russia will be even more.