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BMW the chairman of the board of BMW Ioahim Milberg changes the helmsman

On Tuesday has notified company board of directors on the resignation. It will leave in May, 2002 - for one and a half year before the contract expiration. By its successor the chief of financial service of BMW Helmut Panke is declared. Owners of the company recognised mister Milberga as one of the best heads.

leaving 58 - summer Ioahima Milberga (Joachim Milberg) has appeared unexpectedness for employees of BMW. For three years of the work he has managed not only to resolve company problems, but also to achieve considerable growth of profit. The head of the company it became in February, 1999 after from - for disagreements concerning management belonging then BMW of English firm Rover from this post has left Bernd Pishetsrider (Bernd Pischetsrieder). The Board of directors took mister Milberga for a transition period however the new president has unexpectedly easily coped with difficulties. Having sold a direction of off-road cars of Land Rover of the company of Ford, and other part problem Rover - group of investors into which employees of the company have entered, BMW concern has left to itself only the division which is engaged in release of model Mini. Also mister Milberg has got rid of manufacture of aircraft engines and other not profile manufactures, having concentrated company resources to release of cars. It is necessary to notice that is direct under its management was developed popular the third BMW series. The head of the company subjected to the rigid criticism for cutting off the whole industrial directions. But time has shown that the economy of the company from it only has won.
the successor of mister Milberga Helmut the Punk (Helmut Panke) works in BMW since 1982. With 1993 - go for 1996 supervised over the American branch of BMW, then headed company financial service. According to its statement, it is going to keep traditions of the firm, not affording to use principles of mass production. While VW unified platforms of all divisions and even DaimlerChrysler has entered the general catalogue of details for Mercedes and Chrysler, BMW and henceforth is going to develop exclusive elements for the cars.