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The astrological forecast

Wednesday, on February, 6th
Day inconsistent enough and multiplane. Thus good all - taki more than bad. In some countries there can be important political events. Mass actions are possible.
in the psychological relation people will be vigorous, emotional. Try to use this energy for important and difficult affairs on which there is no energy and mood in other days.
it is necessary to be collected and disciplined in the morning, not to break rules and laws. In the middle of day try to show kindness and care of those who needs it. Evening is favorable for vigorous work, playing sports, activity display in private life, especially from men. But activity should not take the form of aggression.
day and evening hours approach for acceptance of important decisions, negotiation, achievement of agreements, including in private life.
In business day too will be active, vigorous, with great volume of transactions and considerable instability of prices. Successful day for travel.
in an organism the liver, area of hips is vulnerable. Be careful of traumas in the morning.

at ARIESES very successful day. You can have time to make many important issues. Harmonious day in love and mutual relations with people. Favorable time for study and travel.
TAURUSES can settle partner financial relations. Favorable day in love.
TWINS will be excited with questions of business and personal relations. Both those, and others can develop successfully, but only not in the morning, and in the afternoon and in the evening.
CANCERS should go in for sports and other physical activity. Evening is favorable in home life. And there can be problems with documents in the morning.
LIONS will be active and vigorous all the day long. It is possible to take part in mass action in the morning or even it to organise. Evening approaches for family dialogue.
MAIDENS can have some complexities of the house and on work in the morning, but evening is favorable for the most different employment.
SCALES can successfully solve set of daily questions. Favorable day for any trips and dialogue, except morning hours.
at SCORPIONS fine chances for the big step to achievement of the purposes. For one is a policy, for others - business, for someone - love or travel. Your efforts will not go to waste.
SAGITTARIUSES can operate mood of associates. By means of it you will become successful in affairs. Favorable day also for sports and trips.
CAPRICORNS should avoid conflicts in the morning. Then all the day long will pass successfully. The material profit is possible.
AQUARIUS will take part in common causes and will become successful. For you it is successful all the day long.
FISHES can adjust favorable relations in any collective and in a family. Success in career through correct mutual relations. Successful day for sports and water procedures.