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Lajza Minnelli has arranged from cabaret wedding

for very big money - money - money

In New York the most magnificent wedding of year has taken place: the American actress and singer Lajza Minnelli in the fourth time has married. Her husband became 48 - summer musical producer David Gest whom the singer has met at Michael Jackson`s concert last September.

as well as it is necessary to a star of its scale, 56 - summer Lajza Minnelli (Liza Minnelli) has organised the wedding with really Hollywood scope. Visitors there were 300 persons - it turns out so much, if the main celebrities invited to delivery Oscar to connect to those who happens on delivery the Grammy . All you will not list, it is necessary to mention at least such names, as Anthony Hopkins (Anthony Hopkins), Dzhoan Collins (Joan Collins), Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor), Mia Farrou (Mia Farrow), Liem Nison (Liam Neeson), Donni Ozmond (Donny Osmond), Andrew Lloyd Uebber (Andrew Lloyd Webber), Miki Runi (Mickey Rooney), Kerk and Michael Daglas (Kirk and Michael Douglas), Bryan Mej (Brian May), Dzhina Lollobridzhida (Gina Lollobrigida), Donald Tramp (Donald Trump).
Girl-friends the bride too had an unprecedented quantity - them there was whole 15, and all in black. On this background the bride looked is especially fresh - in a snow-white silk dress from the Bean Poppies (Bob Mackie). Wedding ceremony passed in one of the greatest churches of New York - Marble Collegiate Church on the Fifth avenue along which behind barriers under steadfast supervision of policemen there were hundreds curious. Limousines left festively dressed people whom many remember on films and concerts thirty-year, and in certain cases even fifty years` prescription. There were stars and is younger. So, Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson) has acted in a role of the best man, and Natali Cole (Natalie Cole) at ceremony has executed the evergreen hit Unforgettable . However, under the scenario should sing there was Uitni Houston (Whitney Houston), and absolutely another, but less sentimental song The Greatest Love of All . However during the latest moment the singer has conceded the mission to more skilled colleague.
one more guest of honour - sir Elton John (Sir Elton John) - was not, though was at this time in a city. Moreover, it nearly has not spoilt the game, having hinted (and to it all could believe) that the new husband of madam Minnelli - the homosexual. However, right after it representative Eltona John has told that sir Elton so has joked, but David Gest (David Gest) all the same has absolutely seriously and firmly declared that is absolutely heterosexual, and mister Eltonom John even never met.
but anything this day could not sadden immense happiness of a newly-married couple. After an exchange of oaths young long and skilfully kissed, and then newly married (still recently moving with crutches) there and then, at an altar, has done dancing turn. Dzhoan Collins which in the 68 itself has once again married all one month ago, as the senior girlfriend has stated the following impartial estimation to the seen: Delightful wedding, almost same fine, as ours . It seems that however, it has played a cunning trick: wedding of Lajzy Minnelli has broken all records of nasty taste.
Certainly, such action could not do without the elder of the Hollywood actresses and the veteran of wedding front of Elizabeth Taylor which with talent inherent in it has played a role of the married bridesmaid. As speak, occurrence of the madam Taylor has managed to madam Minnelli of all in $100 thousand that included flight by the private plane from Los - Andzhelesa and five big apartments in hotel for the madam Taylor and accompanying her faces. Thus the screen legend at all did not remain on a wedding party.
from church all 300 with superfluous visitors have moved in Regent Hotel on Uoll - strit where had fun till the morning under an orchestra from 52 musicians - to walk so to walk. Visitors too had to fork up: the list of desirable gifts which was made by a newly-married couple, included 389 household goods, and to buy them it was offered, of course, in shops of level Tiffany. And that to tell - though madam Minnelli not the first time married and it already should have enough plugs and spoons, all of them - taki can not suffice on all members of a family as the young have decided to take at once several adopted children. we are going to live on half a year in France, near Paris where we will raise the children - the singer in interview to secular magazine OK has declared!, which for considerable money has got exclusive rights to wedding illumination. In total spouses want to take four children of different nationalities and skin colours - is visible, under the influence of advertising Benetton.
However, the nearest plans of a newly-married couple include only a honeymoon in Thailand - together, without any children.

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