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LUKOIL - the Guarantor applies for the sixth channel

Yesterday on a press - conferences in agency Interfax the desire to participate in competition on frequency of TV - 6 has declared a part of employees of collective of the channel, working there before arrival of a command of Evgenie Kiselyov. Among founders of new Joint-Stock Company TV - VI - the film writer and TV presenter Victor Merezhko, the general director of channel M1 Sergey Moskvin and TV reporter Stanislav Kucher. Not state pension fund " intends to render to this command financial support; LUKOIL - the Guarantor under which claim the arbitration court liquidated TV channel - 6.

on December, 13th last year when on the sixth channel Evgenie Kiselyov`s command still worked, the vice-president of the company LUKOIL Leonid Fedun has declared that is interested, that competition on frequency of the channel, as " has been as soon as possible declared; LUKOIL - the Guarantor Which chairman of board of directors it is, intends to participate and win such competition. there are possibilities, there is a creative group - the vice-president of LUKOIL, and on a question as with money, answered confirmed: we Will enclose so much, how many it is necessary .
Yesterday it was found out that Leonid Fedun did not palter. TV announcement - 6 under the claim LUKOIL - the Guarantor in January it has been interrupted, competition is planned for March, 27th, and the broadcasting company with financial support of a pension fund for participation in it is created. While, truth, only on a paper. But founders of new Joint-Stock Company TV - VI (it is designated by the Roman figures as already there is Open Company TV - 6 ) Yesterday have told about the plans on development of frequency of the sixth channel.
the first a word took the film writer and TV presenter Victor Merezhko. To me the destiny of TV - 6 as I was at the beginnings of channel creation is not indifferent, was one of the first vice-presidents of the Moscow independent broadcasting corporation and personally by proxy Edward Sagalayev (TV founder - 6.-) obtained the first licence for TV announcement - 6 . Mister Merezhko has declared that together with the former employees of TV - 6, working there before arrival of a command of mister Kiselyov, has solved to revive the sixth channel : Us moves not vanity, we want to create the interesting and profitable channel. Profitable is a main theme. We want to serve fatherland and for the blessing of the spectator!
the general director of channel M1 Sergey Moskvin who till 1999 held a post of the assistant to the general director of TV - 6 and, by its own recognition, answered there for a profitable part (Absence of incomes at TV - 6 in 1998 - became 2001 the basis for TV liquidation - 6), has assured present that knows how to construct the profitable channel as to that is headed it 1 (more than 70 % of actions 1 belongs LUKOIL - to the Guarantor .-): We managed to make profitable the channel without grants and tips. I think, it will be possible and now . Mister Moskvin has not informed other details, but, as he said, and this time the new channel will manage without tips of the mighty of this world . However, to one of the basic investors of the project becomes LUKOIL - the Guarantor . Volume of investments founders of the new project did not name, but mister Moskvin has declared that is ready to return money in 365 days, and to begin an announcement though next day after competition . Answering a question that in case of a victory becomes with channel M1, mister Moskvin has calmed: The channel will not be filled up, we will try not to do much harm neither here, nor there. Future 1 to solve to shareholders .
For a creative component of the new channel will answer general producer 1 Valery Bakayev (in the past - also one of heads of TV - 6) and as Sergey Moskvin has told, new generation of the Russian journalists of type of Stanislav Kuchera . Stanislav Kucher who conducted on old TV - 6 program the Observer and then short time worked on the state RTR, at once has explained: I will be short. If president Putin - the guarantor of the Constitution I am a guarantor of a freedom of speech on new TV - 6 . The mister the Driver intends to be engaged in all socially - the political block of an announcement. He has underlined: I to anybody never was on sale, I am not on sale and I will not be on sale. TV - 6 - our native home. If we will win, our doors are opened for all professionals, including for Evgenie Kiselyov`s command .