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The president underground have got

with repartition of Krasnoyarsk region

Vladimir Putin`s Two-day visit to Krasnoyarsk region and has not given the answer to a question on the one who is supported by the Kremlin in the conflict between regional administration and the authorities of Tajmyrsky autonomous region. Each of the parties is assured that the president sympathises with it. But the head of the state has held back the preferences, having expressed hope that the edge and district will manage to agree. IRINA`S reporting - NAGORNYH.

President Putin has visited edge during restless time for it. As already informed, now Krasnoyarsk region and Tajmyrsky autonomous region entering into its structure argue on the one to whom from them should pay taxes is mountain - metallurgical industrial complex Norilsk nickel geographically located on Tajmyre, but since 1953 attributed to Krasnoyarsk region. The correspondent has taken an interest in an environment of the president, whether it will be possible to the head of the state to keep in this situation fidelity to a principle ravnoudalennosti oligarchs. After all in edge interests of two largest Russian companies - " have faced; Interros (which owns Nornikelem ) And Rusala . We and are not glad - with alarm the Kremlin officials have informed. However, as interlocutors, " have underlined; the president while does not have bases to interfere with a situation .
the President has arrived to Norilsk on Thursday at two o`clock in the morning local time. At the airport Vladimir Putin has seen a snowdrift in size with the two-storeyed house. As have told in city administration, the snowdrift was formed from - that owners without ceasing cleaned a runway: very much were afraid that the president from - for weather conditions at first will visit Krasnoyarsk (the day before the governor the Swan has declared that the Norilsk airport Alykel has iced over). Leaving the plane, the president has inhaled air of the Polar region sated with sulphur (a product of harmful manufactures of Norilsk), and has told: very cold . It was really cold (a minus of 27 degrees) as mister Putin as usual was without a headdress.
For norilchan that the president at first has arrived on Tajmyr, is much more important than any statements. I consider, Norilsk should belong to Tajmyru; the president flied to us and should judge on justice - the miner from a cut " has declared; October Anatoly Konovalov.
Hardly it is light, the president have carried to show round a city, cuts and a memorial of the prisoners who have lost in mines Norillaga (Norilsk camps). On mine October the visitor was waited by an exhibition of minerals and head Interros Vladimir Potanin. He already has had time to brag to journalists that now Vladimir Vladimirovich at last will see the eyes, 2 % of Russian gross national product and that " whence come; all here works normally . By this time mister Potanin has already had an audience at the president though it is modest about it has held back. Ravnoudalennost from oligarchs at the president remains, - head ` Interros ` has smiled, - therefore it here and has arrived . Of possible transfer of Norilsk to conducting Tajmyra mister Potanin has expressed diplomatically: the President hardly will want to become the arbitrator that is the constitutional question. For us strategic relations with the power it is more important, than any one positive decision .
After that it has joined retinue of the president. In an environment of the plenipotentiary of the Siberian district of Leonid Drachevsky, governor Tajmyra Alexander Hloponina and unusually silent head of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Lebedja Vladimir Putin has listened to the story about mine work, and then has gone down in mine on depth of the Employee of 1002 m. photographed the president in shchelochki between security guards and compassionately sentenced: Tired - that what though who would offer a stool . The president was laconic.
the Tajmyrsky governor, being under impression of dialogue with the president, has unexpectedly suggested journalists to abolish the post - but not now, and in the long term. He has declared that considers necessary to unite Tajmyr and Krasnoyarsk region in the uniform subject of federation and does not want to leave state employees of Krasnoyarsk region without copeck . However, at first mister Hloponin considers necessary to put things in order on Tajmyre and through the Constitutional court to consider the problem on subordination to district Norilsk promrajona. While it is ready to meet the Krasnoyarsk governor and to carry on negotiations. we do not want to involve the president in the conflict - the head of district has declared.
this very day the president has arrived to Krasnoyarsk. Norilchane saw off him, standing on a frost and swinging flags. Here will see, - the employee ` Norilsk nickel `, asked not to name his name has promised, - after the Swan will talk to Putin, he will start to shout that the president has supported it. But we - that know that force on our party: the former employees of special services work for us, and, maybe, many for this reason the president and has arrived to us .
However, the head of the state up to the end of visit of the preferences and has not opened. Krasnoyarsk region is difficult built, maybe, unduly difficult, - he recognised upon termination of meeting in regional administration. - I do not think that in due time it has been made correctly. But if there is a possibility it is necessary to agree .
Under the informal information, on termination of visit to Krasnoyarsk the president will go to the Irkutsk region, to lake Baikal. There he is going to spend short holiday with a family and to drive on favourite mountain skiing.