Rus News Journal

Fire in newspapers

Yesterday in Moscow in newspaper edition Russia in the street Truths, 24 there was a fire. Edition " has as a result suffered also; the Russian newspaper which is in the same building.

the fire in the street Truths has begun about 9 mornings. Two offices of edition of the newspaper " burnt; Russia located on the eighth floor. The firemen who have arrived on a scene together with publishing house administration Truth to which posesses a building, have started to evacuate people from all floors. During a half an hour of 20 firemen could stop fire distribution, and soon a fire has been definitively extinguished. Newspaper edition Russia has lost two offices - the office equipment and office furniture has burnt down. Edition " has suffered also; the Russian newspaper which occupies the fifth, ninth and tenth floors of a building in the street Truths. On the ninth and tenth floors computer halls of department of prototyping are located. According to employees of the newspaper, the expensive technics has not suffered, it is necessary to air a premise properly only. Has less carried to employees PR - services and to drivers the Russian newspaper whose office accommodations are located on the fifth floor, - during suppression firemen have filled in four ground floors. Also on the fifth floor one more office belonging " is located; to the Russian newspaper in which repair has just ended. The premise, according to firemen, will dry not less than three days. An hour later after the fire extinguishing termination in a building on not suffered floors have started employees. As the assistant to the general director " has noted; the Russian newspaper Pavel Shipilin, Saturday number of the newspaper will necessarily be published . Weekly journal release Russia in doubt.
according to employees a press - services UGPPS of Moscow, the fire has occurred from - for short circuits in an electric equipment. For the same reason exactly four months ago in the same building as already informed, has burnt out some premises of edition of the newspaper Truth . And then also during suppression of fire firemen have filled in with water the Russian newspaper .