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Agrarian Russia it was founded in a correct place

At walls of the Kremlin

Yesterday in hotel Balchug - Kempinski with support of Union of Right Forces has passed constituent congress of the All-Russia social movement Agrarian Russia . The leader of movement the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Fomin has scolded for bias of the journalists, had time to christen the new organisation movement of agrarian oligarchs . And the leader of Union of Right Forces Boris Nemtsov has noticed that congress has gathered in time and in a correct place .

Landowners should not gather in ` Houses of the peasant ` or third-rate hotels. Landowners who respect itself, should gather in the Kremlin or near to it that we and have made - has explained a choice of a venue of congress Agrarian Russia the leader of Union of Right Forces. And the chairman of coordination council of movement Alexander Fomin has hastened to inform that the organisation headed by him does not hope for support of the authorities and congress passes in a self-support mode: nonresident participants of congress pay journey to Moscow.
all orators addressing to congress found the debt to scold the authorities and communists. Tone was set by mister Fomin. He has informed that agrarian business develops in Russia not thanks to state support, and contrary to also has complained that it is very difficult to receive the answer to a question from government officials, how many means from the agriculture budget have been wasted or plundered . However, deputy Fomin himself has answered this question for officials. Under its information, for ten years it has been wasted two annual budgets of agriculture . Has got from the leader Agrarian Russia and to the left landowners which Try to translate economy from modernisation in mobilisation .
Boris Nemtsov`s Speech abounded with digressions to history. At first he has remembered communists, the destroyed 8 million Russian peasants during collectivisation putting wild mad experiments with village and, eventually, ruined all to the basis . From communists the leader of Union of Right Forces was switched to Evgenie Primakov`s government: you remember, what it in 1998 has made the first?! Companion Kulik has been sent to the USA to receive there the humanitarian help. Tankers with a borsch should come from New York to Russia! mister Nemtsov named an error of democratic forces of Russia that fact that democrats have spat on village, have assigned to communists all rural theme and the program . That village poor on firm belief of deputy Nemtsov, communists too are guilty. Having remembered Alexander`s II kind word, the leader of Union of Right Forces summarised: Stolypin now is necessary To us. While in Russia any Haritonovy will be engaged in agriculture, Russia will cease to exist as independent agrarian power .
the Sentimental theme Boris Nemtsov named regulation of the market of spirit: the Size ` recoils ` as the high-ranking figures of agriculture like to speak, in sphere of a turn of spirit makes percent 10 - 15, thus, corruption scale in the Ministry of Agriculture - where - that about $100 - 150 million .
In the end of the performance the leader of Union of Right Forces has unexpectedly offered Agrarian Russia to incur mission on restoration of historical justice . Mister Nemtsov has expressed opinion that the business circles which are engaged in agriculture, could become initiators of restoration of a monument to Alexander II Also has declared readiness of Union of Right Forces to join this business. Boris Nemtsov has expressed conviction that the restored monument will be the best symbol of revival of village of our country .
Thirsting to address to constituent congress Agrarian Russia was so much that the leader of movement unanimously selected the chairman of executive committee, has promised in two months to gather for two-day congress and to ask to speak to all interested persons.