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Michael Kasyanov left in the field

Yesterday Michael Kasyanov has arrived to Volgograd that on a place to check up readiness of agricultural manufacturers for a sowing campaign. vitse - the prime minister and Minister of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev who has organised this trip, has shown a premiere the ploughed field and has told about how sow.

at once from Michael Kasyanov`s airport have carried in the field it is skilled - an industrial economy New Zhiznensky . The economy already has had time to go bankrupt, and in January in it external management has been entered. Nevertheless a field to arrival of the prime minister for a night had time to plough and proboronit. To the right of road on the brink of an arable land have placed six tractors - product samples of the Volgograd tractor factory. Nearby from svezhestruganyh boards have hammered together two field toilets. To the left of proselka the exhibition of all samples of local agricultural products was located on three tables: corn ears under the name the Three-linear hybrid Jars with wheat grains, banks with sunflower-seed oil and packages Oat-flakes .
Under howl sirens a train of the prime minister headed by white BMW of the governor of the Volgograd region of Nikolay Maksjuty, has flown on proselok. Alexey Gordeyev has helped Michael Kasyanov to leave from black Mercedes . And what at you soil temperature? - to agricultural problems Michael Kasyanov at once has addressed. five - six degrees - Nikolay Maksjuta has confidently reported. We have already ploughed 2 % of our farmlands - the governor has continued, bringing the prime minister to a fresh arable land. The chairman of an agroeconomy Kuzmichev Sergey Kuznetsov, having moved apart associates of the prime minister of peasants, regional and Moscow officials, has led Michael Kasyanov to the next not ploughed field: On my field already have ascended winter, - it has pulled out from the earth a bunch of a green grass together with roots and has put to their Michael Kasyanov in hands. - The crop this year will be same good, as well as in the past when in the Voronezh region have collected 3 million t grains . It seems, last year on this field put a grass for mixed fodders - one of peasants has in a low voice said behind. yes while you will not disassemble that it - another has answered it.
and you are ready to resist to a locust? - Michael Kasyanov has continued to ask the governor. against a locust we with Kazakhstan have performed joint operation, now we are threatened with a bug - cherepashka - there was a governor. Vesenne - field works have begun. I congratulate you! - Michael Kasyanov has summed up. Under the program there has come time of traditional putting on of wreaths to Eternal fire in a pantheon of military glory on Mamaevom a barrow. Michael Kasyanov has returned in Mercedes and its train zapylil on proselku. The remained peasants quickly have disassembled exhibition samples of agricultural products.
After putting on of colours and a dinner Michael Kasyanov has gone to regional administration to hold meeting with business executives Volgograd and the next areas which are responsible for a sowing campaign. In Volgograd for a meeting of the prime minister prepared so carefully: traffic lights have washed, in streets on which passed a train, have patched fresh asphalt of a hole, and movement of cars and pedestrians have forbidden. The deceived investors, tried was to organise meeting of the protest near regional administration, have been dispersed.
at meeting Alexey Gordeyev has reported, how will sow in general in Russia. By its calculations, in 2002 it will be sowed 54 million in hectare - on one million more than in 2001. The government will increase financing of agricultural manufacturers by 20 % and Mister Gordeyev will spend for subsidising of interest rates under commercial credits 1,4 mlrd rbl. has counted up that from all possible sources the agriculture only in May will receive nearby 5 mlrd rbl. So agricultural manufacturers will receive money in time - has summed up vitse - the prime minister.
but Nikolay Maksjuta has disagreed with it: the Situation critical and for anybody not a secret that while even small support of the state is late . Conversation from nation-wide level has gradually passed to local problems. Nikolay Maksjuta has asked soft loans for agricultural productions, the credit for building molokozavoda and has suggested to lower the power tariff for pump stations, and at the same time and to increase the financial help from the federal budget. The prime minister of the concrete help did not promise. But has informed that in the spring through leasing fund it will be already sold agricultural machinery on 3 mlrd rbl. Besides, now transition to intermediate term three-year crediting of agricultural manufacturers is possible. Mister Maksjuta at these words obrechenno has sighed: it has not returned till now 600 million rbl. To LUKOIL for fuel for a sowing campaign of last year, and now oil industry workers refuse to finance new campaign. But directly to ask the help on paying off with oil industry workers, it did not become. And Michael Kasyanov has at parting promised to defend before the WTO preservation of protectionist measures in agriculture on eight - ten years after the introduction.
the prime minister has gone to the airport to depart to Moscow. Inhabitants of Volgograd did not hasten to come back to usual life. Today they are waited by new entertainment: the advertising stuck on a city suggests inhabitants of Volgograd to visit on Saturday of show the Contraceptive on a central square of the Fallen fighters.

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