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The speaker it, you see is not pleasant

For Gennady Seleznev undertook, it appears, seriously

the decision Project about Gennady Seleznev`s removal from a post of the speaker of the State Duma can be prepared for the end of the next week. It was declared yesterday by the head of the Duma committee of regulations Oleg Kovalev. As it became known, the Duma centrists are full of determination to achieve replacement of the chairman of chamber. Whether this resignation however will take place, depends on a position of the Kremlin which while abstains from comments.

as already informed, the State Duma has charged to committee on regulations to prepare the decision about removal of the speaker on Wednesday, after amendment acceptance for the Duma regulations which deprives of the chairman of chamber of the right of a casting vote at Duma council sessions. Colleague Gennady Seleznev on the left opposition became the involuntary originator of it, the leader of Agroindustrial group Nikolay Haritonov who has in a fit of temper offered instead of consideration of a question on deprivation of the speaker of a voice on council to vote for trust to the chairman of chamber. Representatives of Union of Right Forces have there and then grasped this idea and the Apple insisted on the corresponding commission to committee.
as earlier members centrist coalitions of four time and again declared that against the colleague Seleznev have nothing and act only for a principle of equality of deputy associations, appear, that a question on its resignation will lower on brakes . However yesterday sources in fraction Unity have informed that centrists have decided to use a situation and to finish antiseleznevskuju campaign up to the end. According to sources if till past Wednesday replacement of the head of State Duma administration Nikolay Troshkina now centrists intend to achieve resignation of the speaker was a coalition overall objective and even have begun consultations on a nominee of its possible successor. According to representatives of a coalition, to them already came truce envoys from the communists, offering to refuse removal of the speaker in exchange for replacement of head of the Duma device. But centrists on such trifles to be exchanged not so agree and want to receive complete control over chamber.
the co-ordinator of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergey Reshulsky in conversation with the correspondent has resolutely denied the fact of negotiations about an exchange of the speaker on a head mister Troshkina also has informed that communists will take all necessary measures that this process developed in other direction . We will simply not sit and observe - the deputy has assured, having explained that the left can seriously complicate acceptance in the Duma of the constitutional laws demanding the majority in 300 voices.
however, the destiny of the speaker depends not so much on desire of centrists, how many from a position of the Kremlin which while abstains from comments. The representative of the president in the State Duma Alexander Kotenkov has declared yesterday only that change of the chairman of chamber is exclusively internal problem of the State Duma . As recognised sources in Unity from above on resignation of the speaker they yet have not received approval, but also to remove it it while forbade nobody. Probably, next week when deputies of the Duma will part for work in election districts, in the Kremlin will start to accept walkers from the lower chamber and to estimate pluses and minuses of possible resignation. And about, whether resignation or this initiative will take place will turn back next noisy, but the fruitless advertising action bears It will be possible to judge not earlier than the beginning of April.