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Yury Luzhkov has deprived the future markets

the next two years all melkooptovye the capital markets will be liquidated, and instead of them will construct large shopping centres. It is provided by the city program on development of wholesale trade by the foodstuffs on 2002 - 2004, approved yesterday at session of the government of Moscow.

with city melkooptovymi the markets the Moscow government has begun struggle in 1996 - the mayoralty has accepted the program of creation of system of wholesale trade in the foodstuffs. For five years instead of hundreds melkooptovyh the markets in capital it was planned to construct 25 krupnooptovyh - with the developed infrastructure and in immediate proximity from MKAD. Program realisation then have assigned to specially created Open Society the Wholesale markets which the former adviser of the mayor, and nowadays headed the first zamrukovoditelja department of food resources of the Moscow government Oleg Virichev. All melkooptovye the markets existing in Moscow, as a matter of fact fairs. Let while work. But gradually to them we will raise requirements, and then they will be closed. We will squeeze out them - the sentence has pronounced to the capital markets mister Virichev. Many from more than 200 melkooptovyh the markets after crisis of 1998 were really closed.
at yesterday`s session of the government the first zamrukovoditelja department of the consumer market and services Efim Rybalov has informed that during the last years it was possible to liquidate 50 markets, but remains still whole 172. Within the next three years them at last will exhaust.
in exchange by 2005 in Moscow should earn 6,5 thousand food shops, from them 700 network, and also 7,5 thousand public catering establishments, 9 universal wholesale markets, 4 meat and fish wholesale markets and 14 distribution centres. Besides, large operators of retail trade are going to participate in program realisation, such as the Crossroads the Seventh continent Pjaterochka Kopeck . They intend to construct the whole network of distribution centres and the warehouses equipped by last word technicians.
by estimates of Oleg Viricheva, the author of the plan on development of wholesale trade in Moscow, replacement of the markets by supermarkets will manage to a city in 2,852 mlrd rbl., thus from the capital budget will be listed all 338,24 million rbl. (11,9 % of total amount of financing), other sum will receive from off-budget sources, from investors and tenants. That supermarkets is better than the markets, mister Virichev has tried to convince all members of the Moscow government. Its arguments: double reduction of number of the intermediaries delivering to Moscow products, and also application of modern technologies in warehouses and in distribution centres. As a result of the price for products in a city will decrease on 3 - 4 % a year.
the program was pleasant to the Mayor of Moscow Luzhkov - it the known opponent of city markets and bazarchikov. Today the state does not receive from them anything. They do not have future: our program - a civilised method of struggle against them, - Yury Luzhkov has with authority summed up. - we here will win, for it is a world tendency .