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Of  destruction of OMON have accused dead

Live are justified

Old Promyslovsky district court of Grozny completely the general - major Boris Fadeeva and the former chief of group of management OGV from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Chechen Republic has justified colonel Michael Levchenko. Them accused of the criminal negligence which has led to death of a column sergievoposadskogo of OMON on March, 2nd, 2000. Officers are happy, that will not tell about employees of the State Office of Public Prosecutor. They intend to protest a sentence.

journalists have filled a hall of court long before sentence announcement: television cameramen established chambers, the press photographers nearby fussed, writing journalists crowded near defendants who unwillingly answered questions. Exactly at twelve door of a consultative room has swung open, and the secretary has called: “ All to rise! “ the judge has taken a view of halls, and public has become silent. Sentence announcement, with all detail of stating circumstance of tragedy has begun.
the Column with sergievoposadskimi OMON fighters has moved from Mozdoka to Grozny exactly in seven mornings. The order on it was given by the commander of OMON Dmitry Markelov. As appears from the sentence text, it - that just also has admitted a fatal flaw: has not warned the heads and has not received in a grouping staff routeing sheet. As a result the chief of group of management from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Chechen Republic colonel Michael Levchenko who should organise movement, “ has been deprived possibility to fulfil the duties on maintenance of OMON fighters with appropriate protection “.
As to general Boris Fadeeva who, according to charge, too should provide safety of a column that simply physically could not prevent tragedy as in same it is a high time accompanied other militian column to Gudermes. On that there was a corresponding written order of the heads under which the general has undersigned also which has fairly executed. The court verdict was unequivocal: Both officers are innocent behind absence in their actions of structure of a crime.
the hall has applauded. Defensible relatives have rushed to embrace, but they were disturbed by the journalists who have surrounded officers by a dense ring. Boris Fadeev has thanked court and has declared that process has passed “ vysokoprofessionalno “. On a question, whether it is going to submit the claim to the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the general has declared that else will think. Michael Levchenko with it was completely solidary, but has added that “ it is amazed by humanity and decency of relatives of victims which supported us on a course of all process “.
the state accuser nervously smoked All this time about a window and vainly tried to avoid dialogue with the press. He has declared to the journalists who have surrounded it that the State Office of Public Prosecutor, “ certainly, will protest a sentence “ however “ it will be made not earlier than its employees will familiarise with its text “.
The the rest the text and so it was absolutely clear. Not clear there was one - who all - taki has shot a column? The court only has casually noticed that an ambush “ unstated persons " have organised; though from testimony followed that it were fighters of Sverdlovsk OMON. They have ostensibly obtained the order from time department of internal affairs and commandant`s office “ to stop and disarm a column with Bislan Gantamirov`s civil guardsmen “. But why - that the slaughter-house instead has begun. Who the first has started to shoot, sverdlovchane or sergievoposadtsy, and remains not clear. Thus witnesses unanimously asserted that shooting was conducted also by the present insurgents who have sat down at nearby village Podgornoe. But it already materials of other criminal case - is direct about  destruction of OMON. It yet rassledovanno.