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On to the Formula and under the maintenance

have dispersed Yury Luzhkov and Berni Ecclestone

widely advertised signing of the promotion contract on carrying out in Moscow of a stage of the World championship Formulas - 1 yesterday and has not taken place. At the last minute it was found out that the Moscow authorities do not agree a variant on which the actual owner of a series Berni Ecclestone insisted. The parties have promised that all disagreements will be settled within a month. However, in it already very few people trusts.

Berni Ecclestone (Bernie Ecclestone) flied to Moscow in full confidence that the contract will be signed. To the press even in advance have informed on time and a place of signing of the document - epoch-making event should take place in 11. 00 in the mayoralty of Moscow. However anything similar does not happen. Comments of the parties concerning failure of negotiations were inconsistent. To press declared that Yury Luzhkov has refused to append the signature under the document as some its points suppose double interpretation and need completion. However later on a press - conferences in ITAR - TASS mister Ecclestone has declared that with signatures has been decided not to hasten for other reason: We have agreed to transfer the Moscow stage with 2003 for 2004 (the project provides carrying out of five stages - up to 2008 inclusive.-) and thereof the contract, really, demands completion. When all will be ready, and it should be made within 28 days, the contract will be signed routinely .
Both versions have caused weight of questions. That possible carrying out of Gran - at Russia is transferred for 2004, it was known still couple of months back. Moreover, the assistant to the mayor of Moscow Joseph Ordzhonikidze publicly asked to transfer race. However on a table to Yury Luzhkov absolutely other documents have laid down. It is hardly believed in that at such level of a detail of the contract has not been co-ordinated set of times.
it is quite possible that matter is not in technical difficulties, and in differences in principle between Moscow and mister Ecclestone concerning distribution of money from race. In particular, the mayor did not accept the points, concerning distributions of means from advertising on a line and money for teletranslations. The contract provided that all these means arrive in the order of mister Ecclestone that is standard practice. Then that mister Luzhkov simply did not know till last moment of all details of the contract (it is possible to guess the reasons of such situation only - probably, simply informed the mayor not too full), and having understood, has refused to append the signature. Refusal of the mayor is especially clear that, having signed the promotion contract, Moscow would take on itself a number of financial obligations, thus without having an absolute guarantee that race all - taki will take place. Namely - the city should expose the irrevocable letter of credit for the carrying out right at once two stages (its sum fluctuates within $15 million for race). This money is written off in favour of mister Ecclestone irrespective of, whether Gran - will take place in general at. Besides, the licence for each subsequent race costs on 10 % more than the previous. Thus, expenses of Moscow for carrying out of five stages would make an order $90 million That is Berni Ecclestone if contract signing yesterday all - taki has taken place, anything would not lose, and very much the other way - would earn anyway. And here to Moscow to justify the expenses it would be extremely difficult - on sale of tickets in Russia you will not earn much.
but on payments for the right to spend race of expenditure of a city do not come to an end - it is necessary to build actually a line. And after all it is absolutely not clear, how many it will cost. The head of committee of tourism of the government of Moscow Grigory Antjufeev said time and again that autodrome building in Nagatinsky pojme (mister Antjufeev just supervises this project) will manage in $100 million Whence such sum undertook, does not speak. But, as considers, for example, Herman Tilke (Hermann Tilke), the unique architect in the world to which mister Ecclestone trusts in a question of building of autodromes, suitable for Formulas - 1 in Nagatine, of course, it is possible to construct good autodrome. Another matter that owing to specificity of territory of an expense for its building there will be on 50 % above than if it to do in an open country. The master - the plan of a line which it is necessary to order all to the same mister Tilke could give the answer to a question on cost of works. There Is it of an order $500 thousand that against hundreds millions advertised expenses it is a little. However while Hermanu Tilke of offers to work over the master - the plan did not arrive.
And one more - the reference to the western investors which like are ready to pay autodrome building (about it yesterday has once again reminded arrived to Moscow together with mister Ecclestone president TWR Group Tom Uokinshou (Tom Walkinshaw)), too is not represented a financial guarantee. Anybody from them will not give cent, the promotion contract will not be signed yet. And the contract will not be signed, while Berni Ecclestone will not make concessions to Moscow.