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From department on ball

Solid dances in World trade centre

Welfare fund the Moscow ball has spent in World trade centre already the ball second in this year - Spring . The first ball was called Christmas also has been given on January, 6th. Known businessmen and members of the governments of Moscow and Russia remembered how to dance a waltz, studied a point and cha - cha - cha. With details - ALAIN`S secular observer - ANTONOVA.

the Business elite of Russia has gathered in a building with ominous signboard World Trade Centre. But to answer calls on mobile preferred so: I on ball. In TSMT. Well it there, where Merkury .
To balls at us have not got used yet, however it is necessary, the status high society demands. Not all to celebrate birthday of a dog of Dusi Konegen, it is time to spend time as people.
On ball to Merkuriju visitors have arrived in evening dresses, settle for little tables with tablets, performances of the best professional ball pairs Russia have begun to have supper and look. People sat at little tables respectable: the assistant to the first president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Shevchenko (with the spouse), representatives of the government of Moscow Vladimir Andrians and Svetlana Golubkova, generals Vyacheslav Vorontsov (with the spouse) - from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Sergey Gusev - from the State customs committee of Russia, the head of administration of the Arkhangelsk region Anatoly Efremov, the chairman of the Olympic committee Leonid Tjagachev. There was also a group of the high-ranking wives (without spouses): Elena Platonova, Lyudmila Muzykantsky, Iren Fedorova and Nelli Kobzon. The Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection was represented by adviser Sergey Tarachev.
dancers as it is necessary, danced, visitors, as usual, ate caviar and drank champagne. The huge hall complicated dialogue: The acquaintances should exchange the air kisses, many passed from a little table to a little table.
at last there has come the culmination moment: declared dances for visitors. Not to put visitors in awkward position, organizers have invited dancers from the Bolshoi theatre to work as gentlemen. Gentlemen have engaged not demanded ladies and trained all ignorant in ball art. At first learnt to dance a waltz. One of the first the representative of the government of the Russian Federation in the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation, in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation, in the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation the academician, the professor, the doctor of jurisprudence Michael Barshchevsky (so it is designated on the card) has begun to spin with the spouse. Behind them musicologist Svjatoslav Belza has gone to a circle. And when the president of the company mosrealstroj Sergey Polonsky (the sponsor of ballerina Anastasia Volochkova) has decided to study a point, have not sustained also all the others. In pljas were started up and Sibneft (The vice-president and young writer Vladimir Ruga), and Russian aluminium (one of zamov general directors Sergey Ilyin), and YUKOS (the director for financial planning Andrey Bobrovsky), and corporation Konti (president Timur Timerbulatov), and financially - industrial group Russia (vice-president Vladimir Lensky, not the poet). Only the president of Moscow oil club Togrul Bagirov did not begin to dance one under the general music, but also it supported dancing a smile.
and the intelligency - Lev Leshchenko, Alexander Buinov, Svetlana Morgunova, Ekaterina Strizhenova, Elena Hanga with the husband, Vyacheslav Zajtsev - as always, came off the people, did not dance. There was no also Vladislav Tretjak with the spouse. And even the head of one of departments Mintransporta Valery Utkin has refrained from valsirovanija, despite arrangements of friends. Did not begin to dance and one of heads of French bank Natexis Rudolfo Evangelisti (Roudolfo Evangelisti). The Vice-president of the company Vimm - the Bill - Dann Victor Lebedev has made was attempt to join in dance, but has quickly returned into place.
dances did not come to an end till midnight. The following ball - in the summer in St.-Petersburg, in the Ekaterina`s palace.