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Andrey Vavilov has returned in zamministry

for the period of interrogation in court

Yesterday the Moscow garrison military court has interrogated the former deputy minister of the finance Andrey Vavilov, passing the witness on business of the former main financier of Minister of Defence George Olejnika. Court interested, what for witness Vavilov has signed in 1996 - 1997 two agreements according to which defendant Olejnik has listed to English firm United Energy International of $450 million for EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY of Ukraine . Mister Vavilov has charged with all fault the Minister of Defence of that time.

41 - summer Andrey Vavilov kept quite confidently. Excitement was given out only by hands - it removed that, put on a wedding ring. Moreover its request to judge Vasily Vinokurovu in the interrogation beginning: It is possible to ask vodichki? - on which the answer has followed: There is no at us a water in a court hall .
the Former deputy minister of the finance, and nowadays the director of institute of financial researches (so it was presented to court) should answer a question, what for he has signed two agreements on $450 million distillation under accounts Gazprom tax inspection of #28 cities of Moscow, federal exchequer of the Ministry of Finance, the Minister of Defence, firm United Energy International belonging EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY of Ukraine and about return of this sum again in Gazprom . For performance of these agreements by the Ministry of Defence also judge general Olejnika.
- Agreements absolutely lawful, - were straight off declared by witness Vavilov. Is recognised Hamovnichesky court, having satisfied my claim to Audit Chamber which has written earlier in the certificate that I have exceeded powers of office. Here a judicial verdict.
also has transferred to colonel Vinokurovu some the sewed sheets. For now that looked through them, has continued:
- we Take for an example military court. The bookkeeper has written out to the employee travelling means, and that has spent on drink them. The one who has spent should answer. The initiative of signing of the given agreements belonged to the Ministry of Defence. I have signed them when there already there were all other signatures.
- and who then was the Minister of Defence? - The judge has decided to check up memory of the witness.
- Rodions! - mister Vavilov has answered. And at the same time has remembered that Ljubov Kudelina - the present deputy minister of defence was the head of department of a defensive complex of the Ministry of Finance who prepared for it for the signature the mentioned agreements. Here from it supposedly and demand, and it here at anything.
But such answer did not suit colonel Vinokurova:
- you got acquainted with agreements before their signing?
- yes I in day signed their pieces hundred! The Ministry of Finance cannot specify to the Ministry of Defence where to buy boards - in the next shop or in Ukraine, - the witness has told and has looked at hours. Interrogation was tightened.
Further the judge has decided suit a confrontation of witness Vavilov with defendant Olejnikom on one curious question. George Olejnik from the very beginning of a consequence said what to execute the mentioned agreements it has obliged on a revolving object of deputy minister Vavilov, threatening with removal from a post. The same phone call denied.
- I insist on the indications, - the defendant has declared, looking in eyes to the witness.
but that held the ground:
- No instructions, neither calls, nor personal meetings at us with Olejnikom existing.
also has complained of the inspector of military Office of Public Prosecutor who ostensibly promised to interrogate it daily if he does not admit at once that two given agreements were not than other, as clearing.
- it had a problem to bring me under law infringement. But it was not clearing, and ready cash.
- transfer of money of the English company corresponded to conditions of the given agreements? - The judge, seemingly, too has decided to bring mister Vavilov under law infringement. But the witness has appeared a tough nut:
- Basically this infringement, but it is used everywhere for evasion from payment of taxes.
a state accuser of colonel Vladimir Milovanova, in turn, interested, why the Ministry of Finance which is body of currency control, has admitted transfer by defendant Olejnikom of currency without the permission of the Central Bank. But mister Vavilov here again managed to evade: he has declared that the Ministry of Finance - body of currency control only at the edition of instructions, and concrete operations should watch in commercial banks.
the lawyer Adu Jakovlevu was occupied with a question, whether truth that the president of corporation EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko (Yuliya Timochenko) personally was in Andrey Vavilov`s office and has brought the project of disputable agreements.
- Timoshenko really was in my office. Well and to whom it has presented projects of agreements, I do not know. In the Ministry of Finance some floors and a large quantity of offices.
- and the Ministry of Defence could, - has continued lawyer, - to discount those $450 million which agreements was recommended to list the English firm, and as though it was reflected on Gazprom to which as a result this money also has got?
the witness has heaved a deep sigh and has reflected.
- the mister the judge, to me ask a question in a subjunctive mood, - mister Vavilov has noticed and has continued: - But what I can tell? Responsibility comes according to the current legislation.
- but you were the councillor of directors Gazprom ! - the lawyer of the defendant Sergey Dvorjanov has reminded the witness.
- Yes, was with 1993 - go for 1997. It is possible, I two words will tell in the end? - Mister Vavilov has asked.
- is not present, - the judge, - here not cut off party meeting.
Leaving a court hall, on a question of the correspondent, whether has broken, in its opinion, the law defendant Olejnik, mister Vavilov has answered evasively: I do not want to express the opinion to a judgement .
will continue to watch process.