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to World sports threaten mutants
After a while to world sports, probably, it is necessary to face cases of application of gene engineering as the most powerful form of a dope. To such conclusion participants of conference on problems of genetic ways of increase of the sports indicators, taken place on this week in the city of Kold - Spring - Harbor (state of New York) have come. Representatives have taken part In a forum of some the sports organisations, scientists, experts concerning formation and ethics.
as participants of conference marked, in the big-time sports world occurs some kind of “ race of arms “ and for the sake of victories at highest level competitions the purest methods are frequently applied. It is necessary to complicate more and more the control devices, called to trace presence in an organism of athletes of every possible chemical preparations, hormones, steroids. Now there is a possibility to influence the certain genes of the person responsible, for example, for force of muscles, oxygen mastering, pain suppression. Experts do not exclude that preliminary works in this direction are already conducted.

“ Ural Mountains - Grejt “ has dismissed Villi Bertona
Defeat in group F of basketball Euroleague from Efes Pilsen has led to dismissal from Perm “ Ural Mountains - Grejta “ American attacking Villi Bertona (Willy Barton). The contract with it is terminated, and in the near future it will go home to America.
such decision of the president of club Sergey Kushchenko did not become unexpected. Actions of Villi Bertona on a platform this year suited nobody. Head coach Sergey Belov too was constantly dissatisfied with the American legionary. On last a press - conferences, answering a question on the basketball player, Sergey Belov has noticed that he has almost ceased to trust in this player.
The best games for “ Ural Mountains - Grejt “ the American has played last year. Its contribution to a final of the championship of Russia against the Kazan UNIX was especially valuable. But in inter-season period Berton was traumatised in a knee and the first part of a following championship almost did not play. Before New Year`s holidays it has visited America where to it have performed operation on a knee. Having returned, Villi Berton has declared that feels simply perfectly and is ready to show basketball of former level. However it has not occurred. In this season the basketball player has played for a command in three tournaments of only 17 matches in which typed on the average on 7,1 points. Such indicators categorically did not suit Sergey Belova.
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to Alan Baksteru nobody has believed
the International Olympic committee (IOC) disqualified the British mountain skier Alan Bakstera (Alain Baxter) and has deprived of its bronze medal won in a slalom on Games in Solt - Lejk - City. Let`s remind that in its dope - test traces metamfetamina have been found out. The sportsman it is oath assured the IOC that did not accept this preparation, at least, on own will. “ it has got to my organism casually. In the USA my trainer has bought an inhaler from a cold, just the same outwardly, as well as what I use many years. But the American preparation, unlike that is on sale in Europe, appears, contained metamfetamin “ - so Bakster spoke hearing of its business. But this explanation has not satisfied the IOC, and the mountain skier have punished.
at the same session the decision on disqualification of Belarus hockey player Vasily Pankova was accepted, in a dope - which test have found a preparation 19 - norandrosteron. The National federation of hockey of Belarus should accept the decision on term of its disqualification. And the doctor of a command Evgenie Lositsky by which council the hockey player accepted a dope, is separated from participation in Games of 2004 in Athenes and 2006 in Turin.

NHL will check up safety at stadiums
After  destruction 13 - the summer fan who were traumatised on match NHL, the league management intends to check up anew, ice arenas are how much safe. According to last data, the death 13 - summer Britani Sesil, the schoolgirl from Columbus (State of Ohio), has been caused not directly by blow of the washer which have taken off on tribunes and the got girl in a temple, and damage of an artery from sharp movement of a head. But it does not belittle value of this tragical case for all hockey players and fans.
as a sign of grief about the lost girl members of team Blue Jackets this season rest will act in helmets on which its initials will be written. Minute of silence before the beginning of the next match between a command from Columbus and Detroit Red Wings has been devoted memory of the young fan.

Michael Schumacher has tested the new car
the Quadruple world champion “ Formulas - 1 “ Michael Schumacher (Michael Schumacher) has tested for the first time in business a new race car of Ferrari - F2002. It has done it on autodrome in Barcelona where last days at once some commands carry out tests. It is remarkable that the first pilot of Ferrari has denied all sceptical statements concerning the new car which as said, not only more slowly old, but also not so is reliable. Michael Schumacher has shown the best result in the test - arrivals, having outstripped including partner at the command of Rubens Barrichello (Rubens Barrichello). One of the main competitors of Ferrari did not shine this time - the first pilot McLaren David Coulthard (David Coulthard) has shown only the seventh time.

basketball with Kalashnikov`s automatic machine
the Basketball match arranged in Kabul between a command of the American military men and Afghans, hardly has not come to the end with tragedy. For the time being all went normally, but during any moment one of Americans has stumbled and has fallen. And here the unknown person has jumped out of public, a foot has struck lying on a head then with the same speed has dived back into crowd. Safety of a match provided including the Afghani military men one of which has tried, swinging the automatic machine, to drive away spectators. The turn was as a result distributed, and bullets have touched two persons who have got wounds in a foot. The Afghan says that “ kalashnikov “ has shot casually, but it nevertheless have sent in a police station. Victims are delivered in the Italian military hospital. According to doctors, their life out of danger.