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Before Oscar cinema-men will strike the Raspberry

Today at theatre Abracadabra in Santa - Monike will be handed over the film award the Gold raspberry . Here already 22 - j year successively a day before announcement of names oskaronostsev - honours pupils names lagging behind - directors and the actors discrediting the American cinema become property of the public also.

like it would be considered what to receive the Gold raspberry it is a shame, but it is not so clear, whether it has any real influence on destiny of this or that film or the actor. The majority of people in Hollywood find the Gold raspberry simply cool - behind an exception, on - visible, prize-winners and nominees. when you put forward on ` to Malines ` is all the same as though from you at all trousers have fallen down, - the editor of newspaper Variety considers. It is awkward, but hardly probable it will put an end to your career. Also it is not meaningful to react to it spiteful hissing because then you expose yourself in even more ridiculous light .
Agents of the Hollywood celebrities, for example the main collector the Gold raspberry Silvestra Stallones, try not to make comments in general therefore in any way on promotion and rewarding of the wards. And actors and directors prefer on - silent not to be behind the figurine a face-value of $4,29 executed in the form of a gold raspberry in size with a ball for a golf, based upon the coil with a film which, in turn, lies on a box from - under crimson tea Lipton .
only two winners have received the prizes For 20 years of existence of the award: in 1995 it there was Pol Verhuven, awarded ranks of the worst director for the worst film of year Showgirls . This film has established a record which is not beaten till now, - 13 nominations. From them the picture of Verhuvena has received seven, as much, how many last year has broken off to a film the Battle-field - the Earth with John Travolta. In 1995 speech of Verhuvena which have stepped on the stage behind the berry, has been risen in applause: the sense of its performance was reduced to that the poor director poison in native Holland that it the sick psychopath and the pervert and as it is healthy that it is possible to arrive to America and to receive for it an award.
Bill Kosbi who has accepted in 1988 three awards for a film " has appeared other courageous cinematographer; Leonard, a part the sixth . But here all speaks very simply: that the actor has agreed, film studio Fox has specially made figurines of gold and marble in cost about $30 thousand However is not excluded that this year one of favourites the Gold raspberry all - taki pochtit ceremony by the presence - anyway, such intention was stated by the author of a film You have gone, Freddi put forward on eight nominations, Tom Green. Probably, the matter is that Green not the present cinematographer, and leader MTV for whom it is important to draw at any cost attention to itself and the film debut.
but for the founder the Gold raspberry John Wilson, the film fan and the author of the malicious book about film stamps to Everything that I know, I have learnt at cinema it is not too essential, whether prize-winners on ceremony will come. The glory excites him least. At the beginning of existence the Gold raspberry it in general arranged ceremonies at home, in a circle of friends - as a house parody to Oscar show. Also did not count that its action when - nibud becomes not only official, but almost same popular, as well as itself Oscar . On the basic speciality Wilson was the modest producer of commercials of new films, quite diligent small screw in the Hollywood car, and till some time hid from the colleagues that it stands up for it the Gold raspberry . But once they have calculated Wilson, having paid attention to number of its car on which there were letters R - A - Z - Z - I - E. There was it when Wilson has arrived on viewing of a new film from Silvestrom Stallone.
actually with Wilson`s dual personality to reproach difficultly for any person working in film business, starts to have sooner or later to a cinema dual feeling. Especially if you work in Hollywood with its propensity to tinsel and the hypertrophied optimism. Cinematographers so like to congratulate each other and, and the Hollywood atmosphere so is overflowed friendly pohlopyvanijami and air kisses, - considers 47 - summer Wilson, - that there should be someone who is spat by a crumpled paper from last school desk and speaks: excuse, druzhishche, but you have removed 5 good films and 28 bad .
About results 22 - j delivery ceremonies Gold raspberries read in the following numbers.
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