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Auditors have passed to a family contract

Yesterday the permanent chairman of the council of the Russian board of auditors (RKA) Alexey Ruf has resigned. The place of mister Rufa will be occupied with its brother - Alexander.

yesterday one of founders RKA, stretch heading it within ten years Alexey Ruf, has resigned from a post of the chairman of the council of association. He has explained it impossibility to give time suffices for the organisation of work RKA in connection with re-structuring of own business . It is a question of auditor firm BDO Rufaudit an alliance entering into ten the largest auditor companies of Russia where it is the chairman of the council of operating partners.

RKA it is created in 1992. This largest Russian association of auditors - physical persons. It unites about 900 certified auditors from 54 regions of Russia. RKA the member of the International federation of bookkeepers is a member of the European federation of bookkeepers and auditors, assotsiirovannyj.

today both auditor business, and public work demand the increasing attention and self-return, it began impossible to be engaged both that and another simultaneously without damage to business, and I have made the choice - Alexey Ruf has declared.
the released vacancy will be occupied with Alexey Rufa`s brother - Alexander Ruf who is president RKA. At me equal and good mood, - he has declared. - we are ready to dialogue with those who is adjusted on trade development. We have understood that at us much in common, for example, with Institute of professional bookkeepers of Russia (IPBR) .
This shift should be reflected favorably in the auditor market, - head IPBR Oleg Ostrovsky has declared. - Uncompromising and sometimes excessively rigid Alexey will be replaced with more politically reserved Alexander, but the continuity of heads RKA at the same time will remain. We intend to unite efforts on working out of standards of audit in Russia, and also to conduct joint international activity .