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Latvia has quarrelled with OSCE

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the Prime minister of Latvia Andris Berzinsh in the sharp form has demanded yesterday resignation of the director of bureau of OSCE on democratic institutes and human rights of Zherara the Student god-send. The discontent of the prime minister has caused the offer of the high representative of OSCE on granting to Russian in Latvia of the status official.

I urge to undertake immediate steps: the next months to change the law on elections - has declared in Riga Zherar of Student god-sends (Gerard Stoudmann), arrived to Latvia on conference on cooperation of the countries - participants of OSCE. He has urged to accelerate naturalisation of aliens and, in particular, to cancel obligatory examination on possession of the Latvian language and knowledge of history of Latvia for elderly applicants for citizenship. it is impossible to demand from 70 - and 80 - summer people to learn a foreign language... Would be magnanimity to enter special rules - the high representative of OSCE has declared.
Having expressed understanding in connection with concern of some the Latvian politicians, demanding to protect the Latvian language and culture after semicentenial Soviet occupation and russification mister Studmann nevertheless has declared that the risk cannot be exaggerated. The representative of OSCE has urged the Latvian government to consider possibility of granting to Russian of the status official.
two state languages would reflect a reality existing de facto. Look at news-stands and posters in streets - you will see texts on Cyrillics. Why not to confirm it de jure? Followed Nobody run into a paranoia - mister Studmann has underlined. However, a bit later it has made a reservation that the opinion expressed by it is not an official position of OSCE and concerns more likely the future.
and nevertheless the Latvian politicians have painfully reacted to statements concerning Russian status in Latvia. At first Minister for Foreign Affairs Indulis Berzinsh (Indulis Berzins) has expressed hope that the appeal of the representative of OSCE is misunderstanding. He has added that similar statements of Latvia now are absolutely not necessary .
In sharper form prime minister Andris Berzinsh has expressed (Andris Berzins), demanded to send the mister the Student god-send in resignation. recommendations of Zherara the Student god-send about giving to Russian of the status of the second official are irresponsible, and he should retire - the prime minister has declared. As he said, the Latvian language remains a unique state language of Latvia.