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a Mariinsky tonic has returned on a native scene for one evening
At the Maryinsky Theater Larissa Djadkovoj`s solo concert has taken place. This singer - one of the brightest stars of the Petersburg troupe and consequently to hear it in performances on a Mariinsky scene recently it is not necessary: the actress is too loaded by foreign engagements. Having visited native
theatre, Larissa Djadkova sang the whole evening Verdi.

vulnerable enough genre - a concert from opera fragments. A civil kind of the man and the woman sing, having risen abreast against the French curtains and doing on a singing course vigorous gestures which should remind public that it is deprived: scenery, suits, light, stage settings, and also actually a plot from which this or that piece is pulled out. Reconcile to a similar opera substitute can to force only exclusive circumstances. For example, participation of a visiting celebrity. In modern Mariinsky theatre the tonics and prime ministers became visiting, as a rule. Without having other possibility to hear Olga Borodinu, Galina Gorchakovu or Vladimir Galuzina, music fans are reconciled with their concert arrivals. The same and with Larissa Djadkovoj: still recently were one of the soloists most occupied in daily repertoire, in this season she has sung only one performance. That means not career recession, and absolutely on the contrary.
Larissa Djadkova has arrived in the Kirov theatre right after the conservatory terminations, and there was it in 1978. Today it unique from singers temirkanovskogo an appeal who in Valery Gergiev`s troupe keeps star position. A season behind a season the singer endures blossoming, its mature skill is combined with unfading youth of a timbre. It seems that every year it all becomes stronger and more confident - and more and more confidently enters into international singing elite. The status stars The opera tradition usually attributes a soprano. However at the Maryinsky Theater for it apply more likely metstso: Olga Borodina and Larissa Djadkova. In shape Djadkovoj is not present regal feminity Borodinoj. But both in singing, and in actor`s drawing of its roles sharpness of intonational focus and a huge stock of vocal durability - quality at Russian singers rare is felt intellectual vyverennost.
now Larissa Djadkova began to be perceived as the independent heroine of opera process without dependence from its Mariinsky past. The invitation in Big became one of steps to this new role some years ago: Mstislav Rostropovich, putting Hovanshchinu has chosen it for a role of Marfy. After that there was a set of roles in Europe and America, among which exotic Russian heroines it is no more, than parties from the western classics. Now even on tours of Mariinsky theatre Larissa Djadkovu quite often separate from its Petersburg colleagues. During present not the most successful summer London season of the Maryinsky Theater from all soloists only it, apparently, had not to maintain criticism for style flaws. It is no wonder, as the Petersburg benefit performance the singer has devoted Verdi - to most international of opera adverbs whom she owns in perfection.
fragments have entered into a concert from Don Carlos Aidy and the Troubadour . The singer has built the program is underlined modestly: not from arias, and from developed ansamblevyh scenes in which Larissa Djadkova should divide laurels with partners. The noble invention is not quite daring, as against other participants of a concert, nothing flashed, who became only even more considerably, here a star. Better other there was a duet Djadkovoj and Olga Sergeevoj - a duel of Aidy and Amneris. If the party of the Ethiopian princess in this episode is sustained approximately in one key - it all tears on herself hair and breaks hands its Egyptian competitor shows the richest set of intonations: anger, flattery, insidiousness and love.
Metstso - sopranos in general almost always get to party of femmes fatales. Unlike gentle, noble and chaste natures that get to a soprano, these is entirely sorcerers, intriguers, temptresses and revnivitsy. At Verdi they either blue blood, or the gipsy. In the concert program (including encore from Forces of destiny and Masquerade ) Have been presented both those and others. It has appeared, are similar. All heroines Djadkovoj possess magnetic charm and the strong will paints of a fine and changeable voice - that dark appear which tools, magical easy and gentle, imperatively terrible. Verdi honoured an opera canon, and artful metstso in its dramas often come to a bad end. But in Larissa Djadkovoj`s concert all of them left winners.

KIRA - VERNIKOVA, St.-Petersburg