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Kabul has resisted the German weapon

the Afghani military men it will not buy

Yesterday the Minister of Defence of Germany Rudolf Sharping has visited Kabul. Judging by a gloomy kind of the head of the Bundeswehr on a press - conferences in Tashkent, he did not expect to achieve in advance the overall objective - to sell to Afghans arms of the Soviet sample who has got to Germany in the inheritance from GDR.

(Rudolf Scharping) to Afghanistan German diplomacy prepared for visit of the head of the Bundeswehr Rudolf Sharpinga from the beginning of year. Initially it was outlined on the beginning of February, but from - for international conferences spent in Munich on fight against terrorism it has been transferred. To Kabul the Minister of Defence of Germany has visited Tashkent where discussed a question on long-term rent by forces of the Bundeswehr of the civil airport in the city of Termez.
at once after the arrival to Kabul the Minister of Defence of Germany has gone to an arrangement of German barracks. After excursion on base mister Sharping has shared the first impressions: I have seen, how much necessary and responsible service here goes. However presence only forces of the international safety - not a way out. The Afghani people too should serve its purpose .
However the meeting with the German contingent in Afghanistan (by quantity - 571 persons - it is considered the second after American) was far not an overall objective of visit of mister Sharpinga. Where the long list of offers on cooperation in military - technical sphere was more important for it: Germany intended to sell the Afghani army arms of the Soviet sample who has got to it in the inheritance from the former GDR. About that value which in Berlin gave to this aspect, says at least such fact that as a part of the delegation headed by mister Sharpingom, there were some visible experts in arms and financiers.
But unfortunately for the head of the Bundeswehr, when it sat down in the plane to take off for Tashkent and further to Kabul, the head of the Minister of Defence of Afghanistan Mohammad Fahim (Mohammad Fahim) sat down in specially sent behind it from Moscow the plane They be 154 to fly to Russia. As one German diplomat in Tashkent, " has complained; in Moscow he will buy on our, German, money the Russian weapon (Germany - one of the main sponsors of the present government of Afghanistan).
So during the a press - conferences in Tashkent on the eve of flying away to Kabul mister Sharping looked rather gloomy: it has buried obviously in advance hopes of success of the mission. However, he, seemingly, all - taki has managed to execute one problem. During visiting of the German garrison German soldiers have complained to the head of the Bundeswehr of an inattention to them from local women. Before flying away back to Tashkent the minister has made to the soldiers the significant promise that The status of German military base in Termez will be in the nearest future issued by the corresponding agreement . It has been met by soldiers with huge enthusiasm.