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Fidel Castro George Bush

has frightened off Scandal at conference of the United Nations on struggle against poverty

Yesterday in Mexico the international conference of the United Nations on financing of development of the poorest countries has come to the end. The president Bush has presented on it the new plan on struggle against poverty. It is a lot of loud statements about necessity to struggle with poverty and terrorism was made also by other participants. However scandal with Fidel Castro`s participation became the brightest event at conference: the Cuban leader has in a pointed manner left the summit before the arrival of the US president.

participants of conference of the United Nations on financing of development of the poorest countries, gathered in the Mexican Monterrey, were unanimous in one: the world does not become safe while in it there is a poverty, as poverty and terrorism inseparably linked. Therefore Europe and the USA have promised the next years to increase material aid to the poorest countries. While its volume is far from is minimum necessary: By the United Nations estimations, the developed countries should spend for struggle against poverty not less than $100 mlrd in a year.
the president Bush (George W. Bush) has presented at the summit the new plan of Washington concerning developing countries. It provides rendering assistance only to those states which carry out economic and democratic reforms, and also struggle with corruption. According to George Bush, since 2004 Washington annually will give on these purposes in addition $5 mlrd (to annually allocated $10 mlrd). Thus the White house believes that credits should be gratuitous as the poorest countries all the same not in a condition them to return.
however it seemed to representatives of the poorest countries of it a little, and they have urged the developed countries to show the big generosity (today the help of the USA to the poorest countries makes only 0,2 % of gross national product). the World costs on a head, - the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez (Hugo Chavez) has told. - World leaders should put it correctly .
Most considerably antiglobalists, as always, have acted. About 2 thousand demonstrators have spent protest actions, have burnt a stuffed animal of uncle Sam and have thrown policemen protecting a forum dead goats. Animals, according to demonstrators, have died of poisonous emissions located nearby to a venue of conference of the industrial enterprises.
however, all discussions of participants of conference and performance of antiglobalists have faded into the background after scandal with Fidel Castro`s participation (Fidel Castro). At first komandante, dressed in the military man of breed kitel, has totally scarified efforts of world powers on struggle against poverty, having accused leading powers of creation of economic system which dooms billions people to beggarly existence. the world economy is today a huge casino - mister Castro has informed gathered. And some hours later it again have addressed to participants of a forum and have informed that should leave them in force The special situation which have developed from - for my presence at the summit . After that Fidel Castro has left, having appointed the head of the Cuban delegation the head of national assembly of Cuba Rikardo Alarkona (Ricardo Alarcon).
Mister Alarkon has refused to explain the reason of sudden departure komandante, however has informed that it is connected with arrival on the summit of the president Bush. Rikardo Alarkon has stated courageous enough treatment of an act komandante. It is its problem, and to help it it the personal psychiatrist " can solve; - he has declared, obviously, hinting at unwillingness of mister Castro to be in one hall with Americans. Not named representative of administration of Bush in turn has declared Reuters that does not understand, why Fidel Castro so has quickly left.
however, according to some information, presidents Castro and Bush all - taki have met - their trains were crossed on the road conducting in the airport.