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The day of reckoning

For brought down They is close be 154 Ukraine will pay without court

Yesterday in Kiev have passed the first consultations of employees of the Russian embassy of representatives of relatives of passengers of the plane They be 154 airlines “ Siberia “ brought down by the Ukrainian rocket on October, 4th last year. According to the lawyer novosibirtsev Sergey Araslanova, during consultations it became clear that their claims to the Ukrainian party can be satisfied in a pre-judicial order.

in the beginning of this year relatives of victims have directed to Lenin district court of Novosibirsk and in court of a city of Ob claims to “ Siberia “ demanding payment of indemnification at a rate of $20 thousand plus of 2,5 million rbl. for each victim. As the third party for their consideration the aviation fund " has been involved; Uniform insurance “ insured “ responsibility of airline before passengers “. In total 20 claims were typed.
But already during the first meetings of the parties in court of Ob (the carrier there is registered) the situation has changed. To lawyers “ Siberia “ it was possible to convince bearers of claims that responsibility for  destruction of people is born by the Ukrainian party and that claim requirements need to be readdressed to Ukraine in the name of the Ministry of Finance or the Minister of Defence of the country. Possibility of was discussed even that relatives will withdraw claims from Novosibirsk courts, and “ Siberia “ will support to them at giving of claims to the next state. But relatives have chosen other variant. They have suspended the claims submitted in Ob, and have decided to send delegation to Ukraine for the organisation of giving of claims.
the trip was transferred and finally has taken place on Friday. Lawyer Sergey Araslanov and a member of initiative group of relatives have taken off for Kiev Boris Kalinovsky. However the schedule of negotiations in Kiev has from the very beginning appeared under the threat of failure. The plane flight Beijing - Novosibirsk - Kiev which Siberians reached to Ukraine, has been detained in total at 20 o`clock. As mister Araslanov, " has informed; questions of principle “ during consultations in embassy were not discussed, but all - taki was possible to reach the preliminary arrangement that in the following visit (roughly in the end of March) they will meet the ambassador of Russia in Ukraine Victor Tchernomyrdin.
Sergey Araslanov also recognised that the legal partner in Ukraine which would undertake work under the claim of Siberians to the Ukrainian government to choose yet it was not possible. Earlier it was supposed that the contract will be concluded with the Kiev legal firm “ Atlant - service “ which consider “ the expert in an Ukrainian of the Minister of Defence “ - in 2000 it represented interests of relatives of victims in an apartment house after hit to it of the military rocket during doctrines of Ukrainian air defences. But conditions “ Atlant - service “ “ have not quite satisfied “ novosibirtsev. Nevertheless before returning to Novosibirsk the lawyer has informed that claims to the Ukrainian party can be satisfied in a pre-judicial order.
on Monday in Novosibirsk a staff - apartment of the Jewish society “ Dry “ the meeting of relatives of passengers on which adjusted totals of negotiations in Kiev will be brought will take place and the plan of the further actions is defined.