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The British speaker ask to shut up

In Great Britain has inflamed hardened information war between the chairman of the lower chamber of parliament and several leading national newspapers. The speaker accuses journalists of the excessive criticism, and the press in the answer asks it to shut up .

the Present chairman of the House of Commons (lower chamber) of parliament of Great Britain labourite Michael Martin (Michael Martin) has been selected in last structure of parliament in September, 2000 and re-elected after general election in June 2001 - go. Mister Martin who was born in Glasgow in a working family of the Irish immigrants, has worked the life most part worker of steel foundry.
According to the speaker, the working origin and strongly pronounced Scottish accent are principal causes of rigid criticism in its address which some leading national newspapers of Great Britain, including The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail are full. This week the head of the House of Commons has advanced to the attack on journalists. I am proud of the origin, - mister Martin has declared. - the criticism in my address is not than other, as snobbery .
Actually, however, not all so is simple. The press criticised the speaker at all for its accent, and for the obvious bias which is running counter to the British parliamentary tradition according to which the speaker always should be over fight. So, during recent debate mister Martin, to amazement of all chamber, has openly supported a policy of the government in the field of immigration, and couple of months the mouth (Iain Duncan Smith), tried to set the prime minister - to minister Tony Blair (Tony Blair) back has actually shut to the leader of conservative opposition Ianu Dunkanu Smith an inconvenient question.
reaction of the British press to charges from Michael Martin has followed immediately. (Most popular of all serious daily newspapers of Britain) has accused the speaker of the editorial column of The Daily Telegraph in snobbery, meanness and zaznajstve having reminded of earlier unprecedented rule entered by it: at its presence all should rise. The answer of the newspaper to the chairman of parliament was unambiguous: the Speaker should shut up .