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Spartak has got under the Locomotive

Yesterday in the central match of the fourth round of the championship of Russia on football the Locomotive has won the champion - Spartak - with the account 2:1. Now the commands which are considered as the main applicants for gold medals, in standings divides three points.

leaders of the Russian football could not show everything, on what are capable, - has prevented kochkovatoe luzhnikovskoe a field. But the match nevertheless has turned out entertainment. Commands not simply fought for three points, and played. First it was possible to railwaymen is better. They have created the first on - to the present a critical moment. Spartakovtsy were mistaken at creation of artificial position off side, and Ruslanu Pimenovu was possible to escape on a rendezvous with spartakovskim goalkeeper Maxim Levitsky. It has beaten it, but in a grid the ball could not send - from a line of its gate has had time to beat out Igor Mitreski (Igor Mitreski).
you do not hammer - will hammer to you. Spartakovtsy have proved that it not simply ordinary phrase. A minute later they have spent attack which railwaymen have stopped only by infringement of rules: Gennady Nizhegorodov has been compelled frankly to catch on Dmitry Kudryashov`s hip. Sergey Ovchinnikov has incorrectly placed a wall, and Vasily Baranov has there and then used the first miss of the goalkeeper of railwaymen in this championship: its blow was and is strong, and is exact - 1:0 in advantage Spartaka . Having passed, the Locomotive has drooped, and all the second half first time attacked Spartak . Than scoring chances at gate of the contender the champion of Russia However, is more has not managed to create.
the second time of a command have begun so as if there was no the first: one attack was replaced another. And first it seemed that is red - white will develop success. But left on the contrary. In the middle of a time railwaymen have spent two striking counterattacks. The main characters and that both another were Marat Izmaylov and Ruslan Pimenov. The first gave, the second hammered. At first Marat Izmaylov fine transfer has deduced the coeval and the partner in private with Maxim Levitsky, than that has not failed to use, having scored the first goal in a season. The second time the halfback has made transfer by air: the attacking has struck a head - and a ball, having slipped out hands spartakovskogo the goalkeeper, the second time has flown in a grid.
Spartak of course, has not surrendered. Having passed goals, it has become angry. the locomotive it was protected fiercely, but nevertheless there were moments when it seemed that its defence will fail. In one episode the main arbitrator Yury Baskakov hardly was has not appointed a penalty in gate of railwaymen. It has already fixed infringement in penal the Locomotive but has suddenly seen the lifted tag of the lateral judge - ofsajd. Then there was a fine moment at Vladimir Beschastnyh. At the very end of a match for repeated roughness railwayman Vladimir Maminov has been removed from a field. To attacks Spartaka Maxim Levitsky has joined even, but the account and has not changed.
the locomotive having typed ten points, left in leaders of the championship. However, already today it can bypass CSKA which meets with the Dynamo .