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Israel will be protected by Russian volunteers

As it became known, in the nearest future command of the Israeli army can issue the order on creation special Russian battalion . Its skeleton will be made by the former soldiers and the officers of the Soviet and Russian army who have passed flashpoints .

the Initiative of creation of such division has appeared one month ago. Its group of ten former officers of the Soviet and Russian army living now in Israel has put forward. All of them have passed flashpoints - Afghanistan, Karabah and Dnestr region. All have fighting awards and military ranks from the lieutenant to the colonel.
the initiative in many respects began reaction to refusal of group of reservists of the Israeli army to serve on the Palestinian territories. Reservists have declared that war which conducts the government of Israel, unfair and what to participate in it they do not intend. And in general supposedly it is necessary not to be at war with Palestinians, and to carry on negotiations for the world.
however the former Russians have judged differently and have decided to rise on protection of the new native land. They have broadcasted also to television with the post card to the government of Israel in which have suggested to create Russian battalion .
As has declared to the correspondent one of initiators of this idea the former major of the Russian army Roman Ratner (Roman Ratner), which itself has passed Afghanistan, reaction to the reference has surpassed even the most courageous expectations. To the initiative have responded about 350 natives of Russia the majority from which were at war in flashpoints - not only in territory of the former Union, including in the Chechen Republic, but even in Angola and Zimbabwe.
after that the initiative group has spent some meetings in the device of the prime minister of the country and with deputies of the Knesseth. The authorities have positively concerned idea of formation Russian battalion . Initiators intend to name it Alija (so in Israel name the people who have recently come back on the historical native land). Skeleton of division will be made by natives of the former USSR, but it will include also radical Israelis. they know local conditions " is better; - mister Ratner has explained.
the Initiative group waits now for the political decision of the country leaders and the order of the Minister of Defence on formation of special division as a part of the Israeli army. According to Romana Ratnera, within the next few days their group will meet the higher army command. It is not excluded that after this meeting the corresponding order will be issued. And then in army of Israel after the reconnaissance divisions generated from beduinov - citizens of Israel, will appear and Russian battalion .