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Moritz de Hadeln has returned has left Berlin and has returned to Venice

After several months of uncertainty anarchy crisis on the Venetian film festival was resolved: its director appoints Moritz de by Hadeln (Moritz de Hadeln), the former director Berlin.

personnel crisis at the Venetian festival has burst as a result of power actions of government Silvio of Berlusconi (Silvio Berlusconi), displaced with the posts of heads of cultural institutions of the left orientation. Among them - the president of the Venetian biennial Paolo Baratta (Paolo Baratta) and followed it in voluntary retirement the director of the Venetian film festival of Alberto Barbera (Alberto Barbera).
Mister Barbera has stopped work on preparation of the next festival still in the end of the last year, when the minister of culture of Italy Dzhuliano Urbani (Giuliano Urbani) has stated intention to plant to the place of the president of biennial of former chief Telecom Italia Ex Bernabe (Franco Bernabe). Nowadays this intention was carried out, however the post of the head of a film festival remained vacant. For half a year prior to the beginning 59 - go festival it has actually appeared work of all services and the selection commission is blocked. There were doubts that the festival in general will take place. And here Ex Bernabe in this critical situation has invited the Varangian - Moritz`s experienced festival wolf de Hadelna.
the Mister de Hadeln in circumstances rather unpleasant for it has left a post of the director of the Berlin film festival last year: its contract has been terminated the authorities though, unlike the Venetian conflict, here there was no political underlying reason. Moreover, Moritz de Hadeln is known for the left views, therefore its occurrence in Berlusconi`s updated cultural command - some kind of a surprise. However, seemingly, fathers of the Italian cultural policy are in perplexity. They already had time to offer a post of the festival director and to Martin Scorsese (Martin Scorsese), and to its ideological antagonist Ex Dzeffirelli (Franco Zeffirelli), and frankly left Irene Binjardi (Irene Bignardi), and to several more most unexpected people.
Moritz de Hadeln is invited while only for one year - to give the chance to a biennial management to reform the festival charter. A clear advantage of the new director has unexpectedly appeared that it the foreigner - a cosmopolitan: the Romanian origin, the Swiss citizenship, all main European languages in an active, and any not the native.