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Legal experts have found in Austria security officers

Employees of the Austrian gendarmerie yesterday have detained two Chechens and the editor of Russian remedial news agency Prima Alexander Podrabineka. Chechens have detained on suspicion in illegal entrance to the country, and at the editor have simply checked up documents and have there and then released.

Chechens Abdulla Arsunukaev and Borz - Ali Ismailov have got to Austria from France where they lived as refugees. As have told to the correspondent in news agency Prima edition, Caucasians came to Vienna for participation in litigation: Abdulla Arsunukaev achieves article refutation in the Austrian magazine Profil which as he considers, has slandered it, having accused of communications with terrorists. Alexander Podrabinek arrived to Vienna, to give to Chechens legal support .
All three have detained, when they came back back to France after the judicial hearings postponed for uncertain time. Them have forwarded in a site of gendarmerie of the city of Amshtettena that in 100 km from Vienna. To mister Podrabineku at the Austrian guards of claims it has not appeared - to it have returned documents and have released. Chechens have left under the lock, having suspected in inadequate official registration of papers . According to the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austria Rudolf Gollii (Rudolf Gollia), at them international passports are not perfectly in order. In protest Chechens have gone on hunger strike.
the legal expert of the wards has not thrown. He has decided to remain in Austria before finding-out of destiny of the companions. Mister Podrabinek considers that detention is illegal, and the claims shown by gendarmerie - are far-fetched. As he said, Chechens lived in France absolutely legally, and to Vienna have arrived under the official invitation of the local judge which conducts trial under the claim of mister Arsunukaeva. Alexander Podrabinek is convinced that all happened - both detention, and article in magazine Profil, from - for which has legal proceedings Abdulla Arsunukaev, - is arranged by the Russian special services. The Russian security officers, the legal expert believes, misinformed colleagues from the Austrian Agency of national safety.
the matter is that Abdulla Arsunukaev - the secretary of a remedial society the Chechen democratic association . For it, according to mister Arsunukaeva, it is pursued also by FSB, considering almost as Shamilja Basayev`s right hand. From here ostensibly and all troubles of mister Arsunukaeva. And not only present. Last year, for example, FSB has detained his wife Zaremu at whom except Russian is also the Greek citizenship in Moscow. However, soon it have released, but legal experts assert that it is exclusive their merit.