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Diet, day 30 - j: Hungry month, or payment

Elena Laptev Has come:

Sometimes the woman has such days when they cannot simply restrain, and sweep all successively. Here and I yesterday... For a dinner in our dining room were wonderful small teftelki. In portion - two pieces. Has eaten.

Elena Laptev

Then has on the quiet gone and took one more. Well as I could? Of course, all speak to me that time is already made, it is not necessary to feel sorry.

And I gnaw and I gnaw myself for these teftelki. In night after work have called in with Masha Remizovoj in the nearest Alphabet of Taste for svezhevyzhatymi juice. I took ananasovvyj and have taken still kotletku from a pike perch and shrimps.

And what my horror when it has appeared that steam kotletka and a juice small bottle on 300 ml was. Has managed to me in 756 roubles! It, forgive, is more expensive than at restaurant Pushkin the Stork itd!

but it seemed to return to me silly, especially juice is simply physically necessary for me - the organism demands.

And the cutlet has appeared tasty. But in the Alphabet I any more a foot - I nevertheless respect myself and the work! Upon since morning weight on the same place.